How to fill out form (dependent children)?

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Subject: How to fill out form (dependent children)?
  Hi, my spouse and I are applying under the family class. I´m sponsoring my spouse, and he has a daughter from a previous partner (he was never married to her nor had a common law relationship) who he still sees once a week and pays child support for once a month. Does that make the daughter a "dependent child" or not?
I know we have to list her on the Additional Family Information form because it says all children, including those in custody of an ex-spouse, but do I have to list her on the Application for Permanent Residence as unaccompanying or do I not list her there at all?
And do I have to list her on 1344A Application to Sponsor and Undertaking Form as a non-accompanying dependent child?
Any help with that would be much appreciated!! I´m hoping I only have to put it on the Additional Family Info form.

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She is a dependent based on her age and if she is a full time student etc. etc. see definition in the regulations. Few can see far in the future but for her to receive points in the future you must list her on his additional family and if the child is not immigrating at this time list her as non0accompaning as awell.


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