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Subject: Financial Question (Family class sponsorship)
  People have informed me before that for family class sponsorship of a spouse, there are no financial requirements. However, there is a form - "Sponsorship Evaluation" which asks about employment and net personal income and people you are undertaking. I am an unemployed student. I have never had a job (I can´t work because I have no legal status here in the US), so I really don´t have an income. My spouse makes all the money - he has a two jobs online working as a transcriptionist, and I even got one of the employers to write us a letter saying she would continue to employ my husband after our move to Canada. But I´m worried it´s going to look really bad putting that I´m unemployed and basically have no net income - will my application to sponsor be turned down?
The forms even came with a table saying basic needs of sponsor and dependent persons - $19,421 for me and $14,207 for the person I sponsor. Currently, I have about $8,000 in the bank account and my spouse has about $10,000. We are planning to move to Canada with that amount of money or perhaps even a little less - after moving there I will get a job immediately if I can, while I go to university. What should I do? Should I include a letter explaining the fact that although I´ve been unable to work here I´m planning on getting a job immediately as a veterinarian assistant if I can in Canada and that my spouse will continue working once we get there?
Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Thanks so much,

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The IMM 1344 is a standard form for all undertaking of assistance. The required documentation list is as well. It seems no matter what your answer is here you need to understand this for yourself. GOOD.

Go to and search Manuals. Then read the Overseas Processing Manuals especially the one regarding Family Class Sponsorship.


Financial Question (Family class sponsorship) (in reply to: Financial Question (Family class sponsorship))
Hi Rachel,

I am a medical student in States and am in the exact same boat as you. My wife is in my native country (bangladesh). People have been telling me the same thing, that there is no financial requirement for sponsoring spouse. Actually, my friends sponsored their wives when they were students about 3 yrs ago. Also, if u look at the "Immigrants Guide" page 7 under the heading "who can sponsor ?" READ the last paragraph, it sort of confirms what ppl said to you and me. BUT they never exclusively say that u can sponsor ur spouse without any income. this is my take. If you find out anything else please let me know.

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Okay you two here, and LISTEN the guide is just that a guide which is better explained in the manuals which I suggested you read but Adan did not. Then there is the Law which is the Immigration Act and its regulations. Here is the regulation in question.

Now your happy right? If you have this much of an issue with researching this financial issue do you really think your spousal sponsorship with you doing it yourself will fly through the system?

133. (1) A sponsorship application shall only be approved by an officer if, on the day on which the application was filed and from that day until the day a decision is made with respect to the application, there is evidence that the sponsor,
Exception to minimum necessary income
(4) Paragraph (1)(j) does not apply if the sponsored person is
(a) the sponsor´s spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and has no dependent children;
(b) the sponsor´s spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and has a dependent child who has no dependent children; or
(c) a dependent child of the sponsor who has no dependent children or a person referred to in paragraph 117(1)(g).


mother sponsership (in reply to: Financial Question (Family class sponsorship))
i want to apply for visa for my mother, how much income I have to show.I live with my wife & we have a six month old son. How much fund I have to show.Right now my family income is 20,000.can i apply now or first I have to show income.
give me some advise

spouce and children sponsorship (in reply to: Financial Question (Family class sponsorship))
I want to sponsor my wife and 1st daughter (22 years),2nd daughter (21 years) and son (14 years).How much money I have to make to sponsor them.Please respond ASAP.

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