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Subject: Small town immigrants #3

I agree, I am not saying that Fort McMurray is all Canada. I am not very familiar with stats but areas like Toronto, Vancouver don´t have enough industry to keep new immigrants. In areas like Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta, NWT there is a severe shortage of labour and well paid jobs.

What is wrong in the equation here?
Immigrants settleling only in big cities due to family and friends connections?

I can understand for a professional i.e Engineer not to be able to find a job in Toronto, is like finding a job as a shark hunter in Saskatchewan!!!!!

A lot of companies are lacking for LOTS of different positions and because of that lacking some of these organizations can´t get any bigger.

A possible solution could be a more efficiant accreditation system for professionals??

It is very sad to read an article in the newspaper where a Doctor from whereever is working @ Wendys.
Has he try another city other than Windsor ON????
Of course not, that would mean to give up family connections etc.

Maybe this Government is giving false expectations?

Catcha later amigos.



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Jobs go vacant in one place and 1000 people are unemployed in another place in a same country; how rational yout think it is?

Immigrants gather in their own communities, they wouldn´t mind to remain unemployed/poverty rather than accpeting professional jobs in Alberta or BC? Sounds reasonable? This is just wasting time to discuss. If employers are in that need in AB/BC then this imaginary situation wouldn´t happpen.

Why not such situation also present in the USA? Like CA is crying for the professionals but sadly the professionals are doing menial jobs in Newyork city and whinning/ranting but rather than moving to CA or FL?

As a good an apparent excuse I listened this for many times. According to this theory we are in the 60s when people have to present in a particular city for job searching (I wasn´t born at that time, just guess according to this logic). This same place factor is true for a Tim Horton or McDonalds general worker. It is logical that for them an employer from AB would ask someone from Toronto for an interview. But for the professional world, it doesn´t make much sense. They used to 1st take phone interview, then onsite interview (sometimes even phone interview is enough).

We shouldn´t forget that we are in the erra of internet that minimized the communication difference dramatically. That´s why people sitting Canada can manage jobs in the USA. Then why not in Alberta or BC? I personally got 3 jobs over phone in the USA (1 from a Govt. agency even) with lot of other onsite interview calls. From Alberta? Yes, a recruiting lady in one evening spoke with me, and that was the closest call. Though I used to send my resume with a local Alberta contacts to get the best results, as if I´m in Alberta not in Toronto.

Who believe that there are lot companies are shutting their business for the professionals who are un/under unemployed in Toronto or Vancouver then please take the initiative to let those guys know. Also let Mr. Mike Cole (former ON Img. minister) to withdraw his words.

Doesn´t canada have any demand? Yes it has. Like any industrialized country has. That doesn´t mean that they are in such a need to bring 60/70 thousands professionals. This is the root cause. If you want to avoid that then can come up with many excuses. This is not a fault of country, fault of worng Govt. policy. I never can understand what´s so wrong in accepting this.

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What is wrong with your arguement?

Try to make policy or to keep up with policy, it sounds so easy! DC

Any government anywhere constantly tries to find solutions to problems. Too many times they do not go far enough or they go too far and nothing is improved. At least they are trying to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Prior to June 2002 applicants would check off they are fluent in English dreaming of no interview. Others would check off with difficulty and receive zero points for language. Others would be assessed in Language by a Visa post officer and get little or no points yet have spoken in English or French by presenting papers in their profession.

IELTS is not a good solution but it is an improvement.

Before any Chef got maximum points now if your a particular type of Chef or have clear credentials you will be considered better. Better then being considered equal to the Chef at Joe´s Diner when you are a Saucier (sp) Chef at the Ritz. Not a good solution but an improvement.

Fort McMurray is money town but try to find a place to live.

Family gets you 5 points whether or not your on speaking terms. Not a good solution but instead of being part of the problem develope your own Policy and lets debate that DC!


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So, you at least agree that there is or "may be" problem to discuss? Thanks for that. At least better than the rest who believe that there is not any problem or it´s extent is so meagre that doesn´t need much attention.

I´m not a policy maker; that´s not my job either. Though it doesn´t take any rocket sceintist to figure what´s wrong in the immigration policy unless blind. That´s the demand and supply problem.

That was also acknowledged by your own minister´s. Joe Volpe acknowledged that the immigration system is broken. Then he was asked, when the repair would begin? Prompt answer, tomorow. It was almost 3 years back; that "tomorow" never came to light.

I can´t remember how many times I quoted Mike Coles famous statement, it is actually useless. "Inviting for dinner..and them let them to wash dish"?

Better ask those guys. Not me. I´m just trying to show that they aren´t doing what they are supposed to, promised to do and ruining your own country. `

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Volpe has not been in the job for 3+ years now. Since then, the work permit program and the pnp program have been expanded. The experience class is almost ready to go.

Since Volpe the accrediation process has been improved.

Canada is not pretending everything is wonderful and everyone agrees that the system needs improvement. However, the correct way to fix it - ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers.

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The current immigration process is mainly "credited" to the liberals. Currently they aren´t in the power. However, what the major change do we see in the pattern? Any reduction in no.? That would be the prime improvement.

I don´t care about accrediation like craps much. Where there are more applicants than the demand then accediation owould do nothing other than eyewash.

There is nothing much to do who are already suffering in Canada. Canada can´t give them what she doesn´t have. But at leat what can be done is to prevent this for the future, strickly control the number according to the need like any sensible country does.

Show me the result of improvement of immigrants condition. That is still downward. Morever, this year StatCan reported exactly the same thing I´ve been keep telling. immigration reduces overall wage levels in Canada.

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in today´s paper-

More, better jobs in Canada, major firm says
Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not only is Canada still pumping out a lot more jobs than the U.S., it´s also generating a lot better-quality ones than that struggling giant economy, a major Canadian banking investment firm said Monday.

But the CIBC World Markets analysis also warned that job quality will likely slip as the economy and employment growth slows this year.

"Looking ahead, the likelihood is that our measure of employment quality will lose some momentum in the first half of 2008," it warned.

Still, the CIBC report suggests that the quality of jobs has continued to increase.

CIBC´s employment quality index -- based on the breakdown of jobs that are full time and part time, that are paid versus self-employment, and on the earnings of full-time paid employment in more than 100 industry groups -- rose by 2.8 per cent, the largest yearly increase this decade.

? The Vancouver Sun 2008

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Good news no doubt. Though this report itself warns aganist not to be too optimistic. Such good news are always available. My concern is how those good news are bringing real good for the immigrants.

Also, I hope such good news can over shadow the bad news like Chrystler 11,00 lay ofs in Brampton or most recent 12,00 GM layof at Oshawa plant + 4000 supporting ones.

Whatever the CIBC report or my above quoted ones say are just part of the entire picture. Just one or two reports of job creating or layof don´t mean a whole lot for the entire story.

Despite of some bad news, Canada got a tremendous break through in the economy. No doubt. How much the immigrants benefited from that? Sorry to say, StatCan all other reports say that their condition in terms of low income level and unemployment is deteriorating.

It doesn´t mean that with national economic boost make the immigrant´s condition worse. That would be ridiculous. It simply mean that there are too many immigrants available in the market than that of the demand.

That´s why now it is revealed that immigration is negatively affecting the salary level. By basic economic theory, it is normal that immigration specially at the initial stage may negatively affect the salary level for the low income non-skill groups. However, in Canada it has more negative impact on the high skill ones (7% per 10% population increase by immigration reported by StatCan). In USA immigration has positive impact on the high-skill salary level.

Such findings definitely suport reports like the following.

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yes, the auto sector is hurting on both sides of the border. the big 3 laid off 10 times the numbers you quote on the US side.

as you say, the entire picture is important.

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Entire picture is important. Any country may have both +/- in job sector. That doesn´t mean that when the + scenario (job growth) they have to invite immigrants and on the reverse they´ll start pushing people out (just hypothetical).

Theoretically, all countries (except some civil war infested) have GDP growth positve, meaning creation of jobs. Though that doesn´t necessarily means low unemployent or skill shortage. More importantly, for immigration purpose it is more important to assess the demand and supply. Immigration decision can´t be taken just because of growing economy. In that sense all countries should invite immigrant. Even in the crisis days of early 90s Canada continued a high no. of immigrants and the problem started to worsen from then.

Of course, as the biological parent of the Auto Industry, USA is definitely getting the shock more.

That doesn´t mean that this news scares the entire economy, definitely MI is much concerned. Economy is more concerned with the real estate slump. Though it is nothing very unusual. Econimic theory always preedicts a recession every after 10 years or so.

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what are you going to do when the current economic crisis in the US forces your job to be eliminated?