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  Sorry Miss sharon to disappoint you.
You seem to think and believe that Canada and US can provide life to others. Palestineans and Arabs do not need Canada or anybody else. All they need is that the evil should leave them alone and run away. ME is the birth land of human civilization thousands of years before Canada and the cowboys exist. take for example, the lesson the brave Iraqis have given and taught the evil empire. The evil empire will have to re-think 10 times before they can do it again to any other country. This evil empire will kneel down and disintegrate simply because it is almost controlled by the evil AIPAC. If Canada is following the same steps, which I can see now with current government, then be assured they will also join the same black hopeless fate.

Miss sharon, you seem to think that immigrants are coming to beg you in Canada. Think logic my dear. Canada is a great country yes but why? because it has been built on immigration and immigrants. Those immigrants, including the illegals, are and will contribute to your menopausal pension scheme. They will help and assist you when you end one day in a nursing home..alone and alone

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do not cry "victimise". You can consider my post as a personal attack but you have to apply the same to yourself. You attack others and you certainly have malicious dual intent in this forum.


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Canada has been built by immigrants who coma and work. Bringing in massive numbers of immigrants who do not speak English and are generally pissed off at certain groups of people (Israelites and Americans) to canada will cause problems. Big problems.

When a person finishes medical education and becomes a doctor, she must swear an oath "Do not harm". Another quote to remember is " the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Canada will not stop the mess Middle East is by becoming a World policeman. Canada cannot become a world policeman in the first place due to small population and unwillingness to suffer losses. Canada is Canada. Canada should not become USA-2. Americans are doing a big mistake meddling pretty much with everyone around the globe. Americans killed a lot of muslim people, so now muslim people are mad at them. Then they bombed Serbs and now Serbs (and, thereofre, Russians) are suspicious of USA.

Why should Canada become like that? Canada is a well-respected nation that is not hated by anyone. Because Canada does not mess anyone up and fights only when the fight is necessary due to alliance obligations.

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if what you are saying is true, why did you post your original thread?

You have been saying that Canada should come out in defense of Palestine. Now you are saying Canada should mind its own business.

Let´s be consistent here.

I have been doing my best to not make personal attacks against you and stick to the subject of your post- which you initiated. I think it is appropriate to expect the same in return.

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I went back and double checked your original thread to confirm what I am saying - you brought up the subject to say Canada should do more for the Palestinian people, side with their issue or defend their issue against the bad guys.

As you have suggested in this current thread, the ME and Palestine do not need Canada or anyone else. That is why we mind our own business!

You have made a big deal that this is an immigration issue and deserves to be on topic - but now you are saying other people/countries should butt out. We do not control US foreign policy - again, we mind our own business the best we can.

perhaps this topic is better placed on an anti american forum rather than a Canadian immigration website?

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Sutar, just get lost and mind your own business.
I really don´t see a point of you arguing your Palastenian issues on immigration forum. Get a life.

Sutar's Brother
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Sutar´s Brother LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

Still LOL


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I have learned something from my ficticious Arab friend - what we hear and what we see are rarely the full story or the full facts. That goes for every political and social situation out there regardless of who supplies the media - CNN, the BBC or Al Jazera.

I am sure we could find endless Isreali people out there that have similar hostility as our friend Sutar. So, who is right and how do we resolve it.

When you make your position absolute... there is no room for any sort of truce. To be quite honest, I don´t have time for people who want to hang on to their own version of the truth at the expense of their families and peace.

As Dr. Phil would say... is it working for you?

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If someone wishes then it is not very hard to realize the facts. Though needs little more efforts. Most of the prople don´t want to do that, they rather used to believe their favourite media, specially if the media delivers what they want to hear.

Definitely some emotional stories from some persons can´t tell the entire picture.

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