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Subject: medical adivice
  I have submitted my medical in dec 07. doctor found hypertension during routine check ups for immigration. Doctor advised me to get the secomd opinion from cardiologist and get the report. Cardiologist exaimend and took tests. nothing wrong with any organ. the doctor thinks i do not need to worry about it. do you think it will not effect. and can u plesae let me know how long will it take to get the visa after medical done???
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Shouldn´t have any affect on getting visa. However with confirmed hypertension, you should be on meds to bring BP down to normal. Canada medical may require proof that BP is under control.

After medicals expect another 3-6 months before having visa in hand, depending on where you live.

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You should be fine as long as there was nothing serious in your reports. Immigration medical services may (may be not) ask you to do certain tests, in that case, go ahead and do those and you will be through.
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