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Subject: Oh Canada!!!!!
My story, LOL (Sounds like a book)

I was born in Fort Lauderdale Florida, at the age of 13 I was sent to a central American country to learn Spanish (Student Exchange program) and it was an eye opener to me regarding the way how the world sees the United States of America.

Once I came back to my home town and after finishing college I went to University of ****** in Fort Lauderdale to pursue my engineering degree.

I worked for a company down in Miami and I was sent to Edmonton Alberta to do a research on spectrum management (I am an RF Engineer). While I was in the Great White North, I fell in love with the culture, the way these happy fellows see the world and their awesome dry sense of humor. Nothing compared with the whole bunch of Yahoo Country Bumpkins I grew up with.

I applied for my PR status from abroad and two years (and change) later I was able to immigrated to Canada. I have no job offer, no where to go and single. (Life rocks).

I was hired as a simple installer and after a while I became a Senior Technician even though I was holding an Engineering degree. The problem I faced was not finding a job as an Engineer, there were tons of offers and positions, the problem was to find a job that I liked and the technical part of it was very exciting and challenging at the moment.

I received a job offer from an Oil company in Fort McMurray, I was hired earning a pretty wage and after a few years I started my own organization which is very successful and one of the top 50 safest companies to work with in this province.

Most Americans don?t have any point of comparison when it comes about quality of life and most of them grow up thinking that the US is the greatest country of the world. Do not get me wrong is not a bad country but our American ego is way up in the clouds. Look at our history, the way how our ?Democratic system? was created. Look at our current political situation. Look at our crime rate per capita in our cities. That is the result of doing things in the name of the "American? way?..Since the beginning of our history?

Look at the movie "Independence day", the civilization is going to be destroyed unless is saved by an American... Give me a break!

Makes me sick.

I like Richard?s comment it was funny.. but no I am not under the witness protection program LOL and Sharon is right I met a wonderful Canadian girl and we started a wonderful family together.

I found in this country something that I didn?t have when I was growing up?. QUALITY OF LIFE!!!!

This country has its ups and downs, but when things aren?t going well, just sit back watch the hockey game, crack a brew and smile?.tomorrow is going to be worse than today ;) (Just kidding)

You really have to work hard to be unhappy in this part of the world.



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Perhaps I did not express myself well. May be sharon, as usual, had prematurely attacked me. What you describe is what I believe in. I worry that Canada should not follow the steps of their south neighbour blindly. I hope I am being wrong but I do feel the right wing (called conservative) current Cnd government is pro-GWB and Ramsfeld. I don´t mind if they are pro-Americans (the true&genuine Americans)

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Hi Bill,
Nice to hear your story, and thanks for sharing it with us.

Questions for you... you had mentioned....
"I have no job offer, no where to go and single. (Life rocks)." Just for a moment if we can change that to "I was in the late 30´s, married with 2 kids, and no job offer" ..... do you think that things might have been a little different ?

Also do you think in that scenario would you have taken any job compared to what you did back then, which is... "the problem was to find a job that I liked and the technical part of it was very exciting and challenging at the moment. "

Hi everyone,
I had a great vacation of a month or so, far from any worries and far from this forum, good to see the usual suspects still filling up the server space !!

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Thanks for being so open. Your words couldn´t better describe my reasons for Canada as well. The critics on the other side don´t always see the bigger picture.

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And this is exactly why living in countries cannot be compared through dry statistics. Canada may have lower GDP per capita than USA (although here in Alberta it is higher than any US state -and comes with -30 C cold we are having right now ;)

But In Canada you are not afraid of being shot when walking down the street - much more than I can say about Maryland. Having recently arrived from Russia I once needed to ask a guy directions. It happened at night. When I hailed him, he put his hands up and told me I could have everything he has. I was shocked... The guy automatically assumed I was mugging him.

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Money can´t be the only measure of life, we all know that. Overall quality of life is more indicative. In that respect; Canada is placed ahead of USA always by UN or similar statistics.

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Just a question Bill is the Beer better up here?


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Actually it is. Beer is part of my heritage, our family has been brewing beer for generations. Don´t get me wrong I am not a heavy drinker but I enjoy the good taste of beer of good quality beer. LOL

I have been able to find good quality ingredients to make my own Lager and some Pilsener in this country(For the hot summer days).

Thy Beer Commandments
Thy Beer Commandments? there is only three because it is hard to remember ten.

1.Thou shall not leave no more then a drop left in the bottle, can, or glass; and if you leave a drop left then you still are sinning.

2.Thou shall not take the last beer of the host?s house. If you do you shall replace the last beer with 24 more.

3.Thou shall learn how to tap a keg, fill a beer bong, and pour a glass with little head (foam).



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