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Subject: Urgent Quer
  Hello Everyone,
My application date is August 07 (Buffalo), recieved IELTS request in september, submitted results December,07. Now I have recieved request for additional documents,
a) W-2 Wage and Tax Statement from IRS
b) Explanation to discrepencies between resume and the application form
c) ORIGINAL Degree
d) Social Security Statements

Now I can explain b, I have absolutely no clue on a ( All W-2´s were submitted with application). God knows why the need my originals by post (I have decided not to send but write to them specifying if needed I can show in person).d) unfortunately I missed m statement for 2006, Have for 05 and am waiting for 07.

Could someone tell me what you would have done in this situation? Oh boy, looks like I have screwed something.


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It seems they are doubting your documents. Provide documents that you have been asked to. If you cannot submit originals (like degree certificate), mail notarized/certified true copies.

If you write a letter as you are planning you may end up appearing for an interview. This will cause delay in the processing of your file.

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Thanks Sam, your are right, may be they have doubts on the documents. And it was my mistake as the resume had my client names and addresses and not the work location. That brought the discrepency as my living address was different from client addresses.

I have all the docs now, let us see what happens next.


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Ok, I got away with this, am posting this information for other´s benefits. I sent all the information sought along with an amendment in Scheudle 1 form specifying all my different countries visits. I guess it helped my case and recieved Initial assement with interview waived. Now needing to go for medicals and PCC.


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I am in similar situation, I was asked to take IELTS, which I did, and sent my results (scored 8 out of 9 in each section of IELTS). Now, I get another letter saying that the need additional documents...
(1). Medical information - Please provide proof that you have completed the medical examination
(2). Social security statement for 2000-2006
(3). Evidence of all paid employement in US in form of wage and income transcripts from IRS for 2000 - 2006
(4). Updated evidence funds already in Canada or available to be transfered to Canada, i.e. letter(s) from US financial institution (bank) confirming the type(s) and current balance(s) of the account(s) you hold. Include bank statements from Canadian banks if applicable.

Why CIC asking for (2) and (3)?
Should I go for medical exam now or wait? I am afraid whether CIC is going to keep on asking documents...BTW, why don´t they ask all the documents at once? Initially, CIC sent letter for evidence for English proof only, and after going through IELTS and submitting the results, now, I am asked for additional documents...what does this mean?

Could someone help me to understand..?

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