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Subject: SOS From Iraq
  To the Humanity, Good peoples, Rockers & Rapers, Athletics, Video Games Players, Computers Geeks, USAGC, and every Human have a sense in his soul

"?Every morning I wake up and look through the window painful thought flash in my mind, will I get the chance tomorrow to smell the scent of morning or I´ll be thrown away on some garbage and the dogs eat what´s left of me"

My name is Kh, I´m 24 years old, live in Baghdad ´DC´, and married to a lovely wonderful girl.
First of all I want to apologize for my weak English, and for the weird intro, I just wanted to show you how my days start.
I wrote this because I felt a kind of hope I´ve been searching for it a long time, that someone out there can help me change my life.
I have a lot to say to you that exhausting my heart, but I know most of you don´t have too much time, so I´ll try to keep it short.

I´m an IT Specialist / Network Administrator and everything I know I learnt by myself, I read every tech book fall In my hands though they were old but it opened a big way for me till I get my first access to the Internet and the real magic begins, and I learnt English from video games, songs and movies.All the time I wondered what did I do and why I born an Iraqi, I didn´t get the chance to chose my life, it feels like a curse no one in the world want me and in here everyone want to kill me, all I wanted to be treat like a human, why I have to be Iraqi I´m human the son of this planet, isn´t my right to be free go where ever I want? I don´t believe in borders or anything differ me form other people in the world.
Sometimes I think of myself in this way, I opened my eyes on war in 1983 and waste the best half of my life in war that I´m still living it, is that suppose to be natural to live with!

When I went to high school I start looking for a job to cover my needs because my father barely covered the family Expenses, I was fixing computers and simple VCD and PlayStation problems at home, after that I get a job at computer maintenance office and this was the beginning, I prove my skills, then I start to look for better jobs while I was studying, I did a great achievements through my working life, and I was the first on my class in the Cisco Academy with 95 grade, I´m just saying this to show you I´m not a loser , I hoped that one day I become a professional and get the chance to work at Cisco System, Google, Microsoft or other big companies between people Who appreciate my work.

All I want is small chance a first step a decent job where I can develop my IT skills and make all my dreams come true.

In the age of 15 I start love guitar I always dream to be a great guitar player like Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vie .etc, and at the time I let my hair grow longer it was a hard experience for me, people start to call me crazy, when I was walking in the street I heard someone said look at that girl, after all I forced to cut It cause they simply started to hurt or kill anyone how they think he try to look like western, it was a sad day, I really loved my hair I´ve been asking myself why should I have to live with people like this? It´s driving me Insane, so many times I wanted to give up life but I keep hanging for a moment of hope because I believe in such day, though I never get any support form my family about music except for my aunt, it has been seven years since I saw a Jackson guitar picture in old magazine and still dream about hold it in my hands, stuff like this never reach Iraq because people don´t care about such music. Why it really has to be so hard, it´s like a miracle to me! Are these things that I always want it is so hard to get for anyone or it just me?

"Have you ever felt when you set around lots of people and feel that you are so alone? ?I did"
Imagine this I´ve collect lots of books & DVDs from the internet about guitar teaching and music, like Troy Stetina And Michel Angelo Batio lessons, and I think you can´t expect how much hard to download these in Iraq, hoping for have a real guitar to start practice on them, every day I play them on my PC, I die to do all this awesome stuff, frankly I have a guitar made in China but I´ve reached the point where I can´t go farther it´s hurting my fingers.

Why I can´t get a job that I love, go to the cinema to see my favorite movies, having fun at Christmas times and Halloween, or go out in the middle of the night with my wife to buy donuts we even don´t know how it taste but we´re sure it´s really good, why can´t my wife complete her study and became an engineer, she had left college because the rode is too danger, our freedom are died, I want to make her dreams come true, she always tell me that she want to join a martial arts gym, play piano or ride a bike? yah she´s a kid I know.
I want to simply walk on the street and nothing threats me and go anywhere I want anytime, or when I feel blue simply take my guitar out and set in a peaceful place playing, go to Metallica concert and see James Hatfield and Kirk Hammett shredding on the stage and went crazy along with them or see the living legend Ozzy Osborn.? Just tell me the truth is it so hard for young man in my age to live these wishes.

What can I do to get out of this hell, few days ago I talked to friend who live in Florida, he told me maybe I get that chance if I get a job with USA military because he did, I thought about it so many times and frankly I worked As an interpreter for one day back in 2004 but when I got back home I found my mom dying because she was so worried about me and this had me to quit, I don´t want death to be my salvation, and I just had enough of this piece of earth and those people, and there believes, I´m not like them and I never been, why....why this life I want to live Free I wanna taste freedom, help me to find a way "I know there is someone can make my miracles come true" please don´t give me the chance to throw myself to certain death give me the chance to live give me life, I´m done I just can´t feel my soul cause death is getting thicker and thicker in the air, I can´t carry on anymore I want to have The chance to feel life as it meant to be, not this one I forced to live it all these years, help me please pick me form this liven nightmare this hell Baghdad ´Died City´.

I promise I won´t let you down As soon as I start my real life the new life that you give me.

Help Me

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I wish there was a magic wand we could wave to change your situation.

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My heart goes out to you... I wish there was a way... I often wonder how people can live their day to day life in such a terrible environment as it is Iraq today... I am really sorry... you really poured your heart out to us with your message... I hope there is someone out there who can help you ...
I live in Abu Dhabi and there are a lot of Iraqui people living here... perhaps it might be easier to come to another middle eastern country as the UAE to begin... I think it could open some doors for you and you may not need to go so far away from home... I am not sure how hard it is for you to get a visit visa... I know you need to ask a friend or family member who lives in the UAE to request one for you... I am sure you know someone who lives here... come for a visit... take a look, bring your CV and check out jobs... You might get lucky...
May God be with you and your family, do not give up, hang in there, God is Great, God is merciful... Someone told me one day: ´it is easy to have faith when things go your way... but it is extremely hard to have it when everything is going wrong´... Have faith... I will pray for you tonight! God Bless you...

Refugee Sponsorship Nightmare (in reply to: SOS From Iraq)
My husband and I arranged a group of 5 and brought 2 families from Iraq ... our lives turned hell, The abuse, threats, gossip allegations and false accusations.. all this have worn down our health and spirit, the damages are beyond description, I lost my job, Our good intentions and help turn into scandals repeatedly draining our pockets and good will of the sponsors and the two hands full of Arab community helping them in Ottawa, a Palestinian engineer shopped for them regularly, a Lebanese doctor drove them around like a chauffeur, an Iraqi social worker visited them daily, and many other professionals donated countless hours and money. Everyone involved is extremely sad, extremely stressed and worn out. The refugees use the phone as a tool of torture, last week I received 50 shouting phone calls in less that an hour. They think we are at their disposal any time they call or need something, no money is ever enough for them. We are sponsors and have a network of dedicated volunteers, we are not machines. The relationship has broken down and from the side of the volunteers helping ? they have been in this state for at least the last 8 weeks. Health and welfare of the sponsors has been horribly damaged, making it difficult to work and enjoy the simplest of pleasures? It is very clear that these adults premeditated to come to Canada under false pretenses. Since their arrival, the refugees have refused to work, attend English classes and have exposed themselves to danger and complained extensively about alleged abuses and demanded money beyond what has been budgeted and have done this through any abusive means possible. we will never sponsor again...
Good Luck.

SOS From Iraq (in reply to: SOS From Iraq)
Thanks to you all, it´s been along time since I felt someone´s care, you give me hope, because I put out my message on three more website and all a get is lots of views and zero reply.

To Lily, thanks from the deepest place of my heart, I was trying for the last two years to get into Dubai but I couldn?t.
Yes my friend is there and he told me you must have three points to let you enter UAE:
1. Entered UAE before
2. 30 years old
3. Engineer

Or buy a three months visit visa which it cost $3000, I can get this moony by selling all our stuff, but what if didn?t get a permanent visa?, It is very hard for Iraqis, why did you think I started to beg for help cause I´m stacked here no one want us any more.

To Abdulla, I?m very sorry for what you have been through, and because of this I said no one want us, but you must never forget that "not all people are the same", and if you completely understood my message you will find that I?m the one who really sick and tired from these kind of people, you misunderstand me, I?m deferent, I never believed or did there traditions, I?m ambition I have great qualifications, if you want I can send you me CV and you can judge and check all the references, I?ve put aside lots of my dreams one of them is to be a video games developer cause it doesn´t work here, and I?m even ready to sign that I will start looking for job on the next day from my arriving, I´m a hard worker from high school I woke up at 6:30am go to school from school to work then to house at 12:00am every day, tell I graduated I love working.

P.S:The simplest way to give me help is telling me where I could publish my massage, or let my words to be read.

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Hi Wolfate
I am sorry I couldn´t write sooner... my computer was down!
Well, I am not sure where you got those three things you listed on your last message...
I am not a 100% sure but I do not think this is true... I see a lot of people here everyday who are not 30, not engineers, and are here for the first time! so I think your friend is not well informed...
You can come here as long as someone here helps you get a visitors visa... that person must request one for you... and there is a deposit that person needs to make of Dhs 3000 in order to get the visa... but this money is refundable once you leave the country...
Since there is money involved, that person who is getting you the visa must be able to trust you and be willing to do this for you... as he/she might get in trouble is you get in trouble while you are here (he/she will be responsible for you while you are here - they will be your sponsor)... he/she could also lose the money if you do not pay him/her back... and so on...
But, as far as age... there is no limit... as far as profession... anyone can come... and how could you be required to have been here before in order to be given a visa to visit for the first time... that one doesn´t make sense...
Try to knock on another friend´s door... ask for second opinions if you can... I still think coming to another middle eastern country is easier than going to the west for you... specially if you do not have much money...
Good Luck and God Bless

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try tunisia.
SOS From Iraq (in reply to: SOS From Iraq)
It?s the same all carp just in a different night, I?ve talked with a family friend who her husbands owns a computer company in Dubai, and she reply to me ?We can?t help you my son; it?s so difficult for Iraqis to get a permanent visa here in UAE?.
And my friend told me, the 3 point I talked about were for getting the permanent visa plus a doctor and that what makes them 4.
Anyhow things have getting too damn ugly, my parents told me the moment I go to work with US, I will be no longer their son, and I can?t come home anymore, so? I guess that?s it, the start of the unknown? it?s a one way road? one hell of road? I?m going to see what god has planned for me, it?s better than watching my head fill with white hair, at least after 5 yeas I might get my green card, and considered human in mankind?s eyes? I know nations fought for their freedom, and it?s my time now? and freedom is what I seek.
Thanks for your kindness, and I hope we meet again I don?t know how but in another life maybe.

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