Marriage with a visitor and Spose sponsership

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Subject: Marriage with a visitor and Spose sponsership
Iam PR and getting marrying with a girl she is visitor here for last 3 months and her visa exipirs in next July, 2008. In this case can i apply for sponsership after marriage ? And she need to go back to her country for immigration purpose ?

please advise.


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You can certainly sponosor her once you are married. You don´t even have to meet finanical requirements for sponsorship, because she is your spouse.

She does not need to go to her home country. You can apply under the category "in-canada spouse application". In this case, she will be able to remain in Canada until the procession is done. She might no be able to go home or any other country once the application, because she may not be given another visa to re-enter Canada. Processing times now are 6 month for the approval in principal, which will give her the right to work in some provinces apply for health coverage.
Sometimes it might be faster to apply from outside, but then you would not be able to be together until her application for PR is approved. It is up to you guys to decide.
Keep in mind that you have to prove that your marriage is genuine and that it is not made exclusively for immigration purposes.
Hope this helps.
P.S. I am not an immigration consultant or lawyer, but I am just going through the applicatin myself and sharing my knowledge and experience.

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Roman left out 3 details - the inland process is significantly longer than an out of Canada application, the work permit being issues upon an Approval in Principle is not guaranteed and there is no opportunity for an appeal on an inland appplication.
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To All

Well here we go again with the issue can I have my cake and eat it too!!!!

Sharon, Roman missed something more or Divs made a mistake in the posting.

Math never seems to lie to me.

Divs female has been here for three months as a visitor and is due to return to her home country in July. Three and Six adds up to NINE she would of been out of status and she would have to provide proof of No convictions in Canada!

The other issue is what is her home country? India, China etc. are extremely fast processing for spousal sponsorships and she would be approved way before July.

Here is a love struck individual (GREAT) but Divs playing house for ever is far better then playing house for a couple months, waisting processing fees, screwing up your partners application you submited by yourself over a silly little mistake just to start all over again.

Think how she will feel if you make a mess of your application and she is kicked for an interview. InLand interviews in the Toronto GTA area are one and a half to two years and growing daily.

IMAGINE------A Family member of hers gets real sick and she can´t fly home because you submitted an InLand In Status application so you would not have to wait three or four months worth of processing times.


p.s. I´m an Immigration Consultant and former Senior Immigration officer who is tired of my clients calling and crying when are CIC going to call me for an interview. I can´t make enough money with my partner getting only crappy jobs because he/she has no status.

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Hi All
Thanks for your response. She is Indian origin and we have got engaged in last june, 2007 from India and she is here for conference.

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i am from syria and i am studing here and have a temporary visa,my wife from ukrain so can i sponser her?
and how to do if she want to come in canada and stay with me wihele my studing here?

hi (in reply to: Marriage with a visitor and Spose sponsership)
could you answer my questions pleas?
its so important
if i cant what the better to do?
best regards mahmoud

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no, you cannot sponsor her. she can apply to come and visit but she will have to prove that she will go home.


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