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Subject: inland application
  hi there im a british citizen living in the uk my wife is canadian living in canada im planning on going to canada to be with my wife and applying for PR from within canada ive been told that i may have trouble getting into canada because im purposely coming to canada to apply for PR to be with my wife im a bit confused with what ive been told because on nov 06 i came to canada from the uk with a oneway ticket to apply inland for PR i had to talk to a I/O i told her that i was coming into canada to apply for PR and my wife was waiting for me at arrivals so the I/O called my wife in asked us some simple questions we had to show marriage cert and my wifes ID and that was it i was given a 6 month pass into the country and we was good to go so why will they now refuse me entry this time im not coming to canada to "disappear" im coming to be with my wife any info on a forsure way for this not to happen would be appreciated so much

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Craig, do you believe in sentence structure? Hard to follow and few will help if this is the best writing you can do.
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