I m stuck! Student Visa expired but got IM-1 VISA

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Subject: I m stuck! Student Visa expired but got IM-1 VISA
  Hi! All,

I need some help here as the situation is complicated.

My Canadian student visa was expired 16-Oct-2007 but I cannot renew it at that point as my Malaysian passport was expired 17-Oct-2007 even though my course wasn´t finished at that time. So back in Sept, I had send in my passport and related docs to the Malaysian Consulate to get a NEW passort. However, the processing of this new passport has taken a long period of time and I didn´t received it until earlier Jan 2008.
Also at the same time, the immigration application to Canada (Sponsored by my sister & brother in law) for my mom and myself (as a dependent) has been approved and required my passport for issuing visa. Therefore, the passport was send immediately back to Malaysia for the immigration visa and i´ve jsut received it back today.
So,what should I do? I have serveral questions:

1) as I have completed my course now, I assume I cannot and should not apply for a student visa extension but I assume I cannot use my IM-1 to LAND as I am physically in Canada (illegally over-stayed) and my mum will not come to land until March. Is there any option or visa I can apply to extend my stay now?

2) I prefer not to travel all the way back to Malaysia and come back. However, is that necessarily for me to do so?
If I do so, will the IO take away my immigrant visa IM-01 while I leave Canada? (as I stayed behind aillegally fter my visa expired)
Or can I travel to a 3rd country and re-enter Canada?

3)As I was told that I have to land together or after the main applicant (my mum), I guess I can only "land" after my mum arrive. So, can I drive across the border to USA and returm to Canada to land after my mum arrive? I want to apply for an USA Visa but I am doubted they will give me one? Or is it true that I can go over the border without one and let the US official "kick" me back to do my "landing"? If so, will that make a black mark and affect my future application for US Visa?

Sorry, too much details but I really need some advices !!!
I really want to stay in Canada to take care of my mum (as she love to stay here). Also,I know that I can definitely get a job once I get my Immigrant status.

Many thanks in advance!!

i am stuck too! (in reply to: I m stuck! Student Visa expired but got IM-1 VISA)
Hey ,

If i would not mind, can you tell me how did it go in the end ? what have you decided to do ? because i am having a similar problem here. HELP! Hope to hear from you soon. you can email me .

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