can i get a student visa ?

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Subject: can i get a student visa ?
  hello all ,
i am a student from husband lives in usa ,he has a green card,he sponserd me and am waiting for green card which is going to take 2 more the time i want to come to canada so my husband can come and visit me.
i got accepted in niagara college for EAP (english for acedemic prep).before i go for a interview i want ask ,
is there possibilites i will get a visa?
which is best way to explain myself to consular.?
(note; i have approval letter from us immigration
i alredy tried usa visa,since my pepers are alredy processing consular rejected my student visa)

is there any hope for me???????????

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Forget fully about your US green card aplication. That is enough for rejection as they´ll know that your true intention may not simply study.

Just face the interview as a student.

Usually it is hard to get Visa for such colleges instead of well established universities.

Have financial docs ready.

Have your future plan ready to convince them that after finishing the degree you´ll come back and it relates with your career.

If working then have a education leave paper from the employers.

Show good family ties back home.

Show good bank balance, properties by your name.

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