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Subject: Spousal sponsorship - definition of "residency"
  Hello, I am a Canadian living in Ecuador. I recently married my Ecuadorian boyfriend and now am in the process of applying for residency to live in Ecuador. I should get my residency by March or April. We are also in the process of applying for PR for my husband. If his PR is granted we want to move to Canada. I hope to apply in February. I am confused what I should put for my "residential address" on the APPLICATION TO SPONSOR UNDERTAKING form. Since I am still officially a resident in Canada do I put my home address in Canada or should I put the address where we are living now in Ecuador?

Also, am I a "Canadian living exclusively outside of Canada" because I am living in Ecuador presently, or only once my residency in Ecuador is granted?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me..

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interesting question. if you are not a Canadian citizen, you will not be eligible to sponsor your husband from outside the country. If you are... you will still be required to show without doubt that you intend to return to Canada.

Sounds like you own your Canadian residence? that is definitely a plus if you do.

now, not sure how Canada will view your residency application for Ecuador - seems counter intuitive if you are intending to return to Canada.

Roy may have to correct me on this part. If you are a Canadian citizen and out of the country for the duration of this process, I think you should be putting down your Ecuador address - even if the residency has not be formalized.

if you are not a Canadian citizen - all the rules change.

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Ah, I never thought that applying for residency in Ecuador would be a negative factor. I am applying so I can continue to live with my husband. I don´t own my own residence and live with my parents´ house when I am in Canada. I have been living off and on in Ecuador for the past 2 and a half years and the other half in Canada. I am a Canadian citizen.

Thank you!

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in which case - how will you be proving your impending return to Canada? that will be key to your husband being approved.

I would do a little more investigating before filing any papers with CIC.

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