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Subject: Information regarding immigration required
  Hi there.
My wife and I are considering relocating to Canada, either through immigration, or "work to live" and eventually to become Canadian Citizens. For us the decision is not to possibly go, but when. My main concern is to be sure of employment before we go or at least have a few good prospects lined up. I know this is perhaps one of those million dollar quations with a multitude of answers, but how should one go about it and when should you start? Any assistance will be appreciated. Greetings from South Africa

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You should start right away as you are also looking at the work permit option.

Its all tied to your expertise so why don´t you tell us about your professional skills and some folks in this forum may give you a better idea on what to expect and the procedures involved.

Information regarding immigration required (in reply to: Information regarding immigration required)
Thanks for your answer...well let me tell you that I have ´n four year Honnours degree in Sport and Recreation Management and will complete my Masters Degree in Business Leadership at the University of South Africa at the end of this year -well let me put it this way: HOPEFULLY :-)
I,m doing my thesis in Marketing with a bit of HR mixed, Quite good at Marketing, HR and Organisational Leadership related issues, as well as Strategic Management etc. Furthermore all aspects related to Sport and Recreation Management such as Event management and planning, Sponsorships, Presentation of programs, Sport club and Team Management. Trust this is what you meant.
Look, it would be unrealsitic to expect to walk into your dream job right away, we are fully aware of the implications of such a move, as my Wife spent three years in New Zealand, so we are prepared to work extremely hard and to do what it takes.

Thanks so far!!

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