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Today I got a letter from a SUPER nice CIC Officer. This CIC Officer had a heart of tremendous size, beyond my wildest dreams. This particular CIC Officer made me feel like I won the largest lottery there ever was and is.

Maybe some of you will remember this story.

That´s just it, nothing special because a deferral of removal puts off the removal for only a period of time. Rarely if ever are any deferral of removals granted unless war breaks out or a hurricane destroys the Island.

Like so many POSTERS here who ask.

Should I contact the CIC office to see why they have not made a decision?
When is the processing to slow?
Will I upset the officer if I fax or e-mail them?
Will it hurt my case?

I was so tired of waiting and my client is such a SUPER person but i waited even though it was killing me.

Today I got a letter which stated my client Hong ZHANG is approved stage 1 under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

I will hold a press conference tomorrow in my office and post any article.


mmm (in reply to: Super CIC Officer)
Roy this looks like those TV commercials which are advertising their own programs in their own channel... It is not you who made this impossible dream come true but those caring and sensitive people´s faxes and e mails living in Canada...and they did it for free, I guess you would not even fart for free... Anyway, since this is your channel you can keep on saying how great you are ...!!!
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This always has been and always will be a Pro Bono client Thomas.

Dear Thomas the reason Hong Zhang won is because compassion is common sense. Hong Zhang fit clearly into the definition of disproportionate hardship IP5 Chapter 6.8 and because the Officer knew his/her job.

With any application the client is the one that wins and they can be guided by reading the ACT, Regulations, Manuals, reading postings here, asking a friend or family member, an un-authorized representative or an authorized representative Lawyer/Consultant.

The issue is when they ask someone/anyone;

If that person has the knowledge to find the IRB document showing the Un-Wed mother will be fined up to six times the disposable income for her province in China.
If that someone/anyone has previous decisions by a CIC Officer that show the Canadian child will not be educated in China with out the Mother paying foreign student fees.
If that someone/anyone has credible evidence to prove what foreign students are charged in China.
If that someone/anyone is respected by the media and is able to get them to attend and press conference.
If that someone/anyone is able and willing to spend countless hours dealing with the persons situation.

All the faxes and e-mails from caring people mean nothing to any CIC Officer they have their duties described in the InLand Processing Manual IP5 on what they are to consider and what they can not consider.

Dear Thomas you seem jealous, why? R U a poor quality representative or an incompetent one. Lets see if Hong Zhang appreciates the little I did for her.

When Hong Zhang came to me I had already been successful with an Un-Wed Mother H&C case in 2 weeks based on a PRRA decision that listed her child as illigitament about six times. Since I started with Hong Zhang my office has been successful with two other Un-Wed Mothers H&C applications




Hong ZHANG is a Super person and I for one am so happy that she is allowed to remain in Canada permanently even your comment will not get me down.

Oh by the way Thomas I won an ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) Spousal appeal and I got another client out of detention yesterday as well but neither of them were as near a SUPER person as Hong Zhang. If I listed all of my accomplishments on a daily basis this would be my TV Channel. LOL


(in reply to: Super CIC Officer)
I have several questions about this case.

Was that H&C case involving an unwed Chinese mother based solely on Sherry being treated as a non-citizen in China?

Was her refugee application approved because of the above? My understanding, based on the article, is that her deportation was just put on hold but that there is no final decision on her refugee application yet.

Will the reason for temporarily putting her deportation on hold contribute positively to her getting her refugee application approved?

If yes, what would be the implication of that on other Chinese refugee claimants?
Granted, there are both legitimate and questionable refugee claimants. Granted also that it is not the child´s fault that his/her mother came from a nation that does not recognize unwed mothers. Nevertheless, this does open a loophole. Another Chinese female (or any female from other countries with the same view and treatment of children born out of wedlock) desperately wanting to stay in Canada would then consider the option of getting pregnant and then apply for H&C on the grounds that the child will be treated ill in his/her mother´s home country. Canada is then put in an unenviable position - wanting to deport the mother who is here illegally but not wanting to subject the child to ill treatment in another foreign country. Canada also cannot decide to separate child and mother and let the child stay in Canada without the mother. The choice would have to be to let the mother stay in Canada permanently.

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Ms. Zhang had failed her refugee claim long before she came to my office in fact in May of 2006 she came when she already knew they that she had lost her PRRA Pre Removal Risk Assessment. CBSA had her booked on a flight for June 1st 2006 which they cancelled and the following year in February is when I started to fight.

On June 18th 2007 she was again suppose to leave and I believe June 6th 2007 we got a deferral of removal.

What we received yesterday is a stage 1 approval based on H&C which has nothing to do with refugee status. We also got her reporting reduced from once every two months to once every four months and will probably be landed before she has to report twice.

Check out the success stories at for a little more detail or read the Toronto Sun or any ethnic Chinese paper tomorrow.


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Immigration matter (in reply to: Super CIC Officer)
I was told by Roy to post this and please help me with my problem with immigration regarding my wife and kid application for resident visa.
Johann Leung
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