Is $ 40000 per annum a good salary - Confused

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Subject: Is $ 40000 per annum a good salary - Confused
  well guys I have some confusion

I am a new immigrant , I have 4years of work experience, out of that 1.5 years was in USA, I have Indian MBA in marketing

I am been offered a job which will pay me $ 40,000 per annum, is this a good offer,

Big question for me , How do people make money in Canada in jobs & how to raise a family with that money

Look at my expense side

Rent - Toronto - 900
Car - Gas + Insurance - 700
Grocery food - 300-400
Cell - 60
Gym - 50
Misc - 200 (including some entertainment, eating out, buying something for house, clothes, ete etc etc )

Total - $ 2300 - How to live, no savings after all my expenses.

I am 30 yr old , please guide as to how to get out of this vicious circle

Toronto Man
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you are lucky that you have a job offer 40000 a year. Otherwise poor immigrants are forced to work on minimum wage because they do not have Canadian Experience. So go for it. Depending upon the tax deduction you will easily be able to pay your bills. Life in Canada is all about paying your bills and remember very few people can even afford to pay their bills. And you will be one of those lucky guys. You are talking about Indian MBA. I have 2 Master Degrees from USA and i am happy with 36000 a year. Because i know i am one of those lucy people who are getting yearly salaray and not hourly which in most case is only 8 dollars an hour. So say thanks to your God and start working. Good Luck!
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average annual FAMILY income is $52,000 so I would suggest it is a good start. Nobody is asking you to work there forever or for that salary forever. For all you know after 6 months or a year you will be handed a raise because you are an excellent employee and have outperformed any of their expectations.

If they don´t give you a raise, you can always continue looking elsewhere.

there are lots of Canadian born workers with just as much or little experience and credentials that would not hesistate to accept such a salary as a start.

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You are indeed lucky that you got a job offer as a new immigrant without any Canadian experience or education and especially in marketing. Take the job for now. No one is forcing you to stay in the job forever. You can always change when you see better opportunities.
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Disturbing scenario from Mike. I also have the impression that many if not most people in Canada live paycheck to paycheck.
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I have learned the same is true for many in the US. I must confess I can´t imagine trying to live on that income but I have paid my dues in terms of tenure and experience and have worked hard to be where I am.

All I can say is you must start somewhere but that does not mean you must stay there.

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In general people who live paycheck to paycheck don´t have good formal education and/or are unskilled (meaning, anyone can do their jobs), also another possible situation is when you are fresh out of college, then you might be in the same boat. This is generally true wherever you go, Canada, USA included.
If a skilled worker family who is in the mid to late 30´s is living paycheck to paycheck, something is not right with that picture. Starting at that level is no justification whatsoever unless the skilled person has migrated because of other reasons and not job related.
Mike if what your portrayal is anywhere close to reality, then I´m sad for those skilled immigrants who are struggling.

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I see nothing but negative thoughts in this post. Think positive and good things will come your way.

Was this an attempt to be anti Canadian?
Why did you pick one of the top five most costly cities in Canada to live in?
Do you have a family or dreaming of the future?

Face facts whether just coming out of school or immigrating you need to get into the work force first and then plenty of opportunities will come your way, BELIEVE.



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I echo with Roy fully, Toronto Man, take his advise. Be positive.


Read Mike´s post and consider yourself as one of the lucky new immigrants who got a full time salary job. Just few years back in Canada that type of job would have been a dream one for me. Like similar background of Mike (1 US MS 1 Can MS in Engg.) my max income was around 26,000.

I assume that it is an entry level salary, so I don´t see anything really wrong with it Caandian salary structure. In US also in some states small cities starting salary for some professionals are around the same. So, salary wise it is not bad at all. Yes, in Toronto with your family and kids that is not good enough for a luxurious life, but at least you can pay your bills on time and don´t have to rely on social assistance or food banks. Salary will increase with your experience. You have to consider first few years as your settling time.

Be cool and Enjoy.

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Thanks for your inputs, I am not anti - Canada etc , I & my wife , we love canada and life here

My wife is new here, I have spent some time in US , so she is not working and taking care of baby who is just 1 yr old , My question is more towards family and career planning, and I am sure many young immigrants would be interested in learning the real situation rather than coming here with false expectations.

Toronto Man
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10% of Canada´s workforce earn more that $75K. $40K is a long way from 75K but as everyone has been saying here, there could be many factors in play.

I was worth seriously more money than I was being paid at one point in my career but I had a problem. I could not find a perfect match where my skills were valued by my employer. I took the job anyway - to learn, to network, to pay my bills. The truth was, the salary I was being paid was all the job was worth.

However, in the course of that 28 months I got to do some pretty interesting work, learned some new skills and met my present employer who now pays me over double what I was being paid at my last job. Why... we are a great fit.

So you never know and breaking even at the end of every month on one income is something a lot of people wish they could say.