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Subject: How to get Job a offer in Canada
  Dear All,

I am a Pakistani National Graphic Designer having 18 years of work experience in design & new media too plus 4 years diploma in graphics (1988).

I am based in Dubai for last 4 years working in Dubai Media city as a Design Manager with a Print & Design Company.

I am seriously planning to relocate to Canada ASAP but if I?ll apply for the immigration, first it has to approve after that it will take almost 3 years to complete the process. So if any of you can guide me the shortest process, what if I get a job offer, what will be the process of getting job offer?


sheema mahmud
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I want to apply for the job in canada and for that i need the formalitites to apply for the job with the assessment agencies in canada who give the opportunity to Nepalese citizens. So can u please provide me the details of the process from which i can get the job in canada?
Suraj Shtapit
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Mail to they can help you
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dear Sheema,
I wish I could help you, you know what? in this country there are thousands of people from India and pakistan they are somehow all driving cabs here, rethink rethink rethink my friend, Canada is not that much great as you see on TV, especially if you are from pakistan or india, please talk to the members of your community,...Please do not make the same mistake like those thousands of people....When those immigrants are dying for a proper job in canada no body would offer a job to a person living out of the country....Please talk to your own people...

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Dear Thomas thanks for your kind and sincere reply, even I??ve heard that its difficult to get a proper job over there, people have to go for odd jobs?K anyways you must be right I??ll think 1000 more times before apply I think I am much better where I am right now ??

Thanks again for your suggestion; I am also thankful to Sathyak for giving me info.


sheema mahmud
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I hope your post wouldn´t be seen by a vigilante group here. Otherwise you would be in serious trouble for speaking the truth.

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I agree with DC and thomas.
It will be best if you can somehow locate people from your country and get some feedback.

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Vancouver only has 400 taxis so I am not sure where Thomas gets his statistics. Here is the truth as I see it-

Immigrant status will not be your biggest obstacle. It is the industry itself. EVERYONE considers themself a graphic designer. With new software, lots of stuff is being done in house by graphics wannabes and the graphics industry is becoming less and less lucrative. It is often tough for even the locally born talent to find well paying employment.

It will all come down to your portfolio. Nobody needs to tell you that graphic styles vary from culture to culture, country to country. Can you adapt? Are you very good at what you do? How´s your english? Can you hold your own in a Creative Strategy meeting with a client?

Those should be your questions because those will be your barriers.

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Sharon has listed good points. Even if you have excellent English skills, I suggest you try to find out about the job opportunities for the profile you are aiming for. Other concerns that you should address are...
1. How many jobs are available ?
2. Will your previous job experience help ?
3. Will the recruiters recognize your education ?

We have heard a lot about employers preferring Canadian experience, so sometimes you may see a job and apply for it, but may not get a response due to that reason.... so obviously its not a easy transition, but finding out answers to the above questions will surely help you make a intelligent decision. If you don´t like the answers you are hearing then its better finding out now than after you immigrate.

And finally...
You need to find the answer to the question, why did you decide that you want to immigrate to Canada ? That answer might sometimes be more important than the answers to all the questions I asked you above.

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what software are you proficient in?
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The only way to speed the processing time for your Canada Immigration Visa application is to have a job offer in your hands. This job offer must be from a Canadian Employer and it will reduce the processing time of the application for permanent residence and your entry to Canada will be considerably faster if you get the visa.