PR Card Not Received.

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Subject: PR Card Not Received.
  I am in US, and my
friend in canada havent received my PR Card yet ( around 2 months), Can I
call them at some number. Call center number doesnt
work from US, Is there a way around.
Can I somehow dial into a canada phone,so that I can call that canadian toll free number. there must be some way around it.


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Anuj call up the direct number of the local immig where you have given your address. Or ask your friend to call up.
PR Card Call Center Number. (in reply to: PR Card Not Received.)
Nobody in US has the PR Card Information. They ask me to call canada. I cant call Canada Toll Free number from USA at all.
Do they have any local canada number too so that I can dial a long distance call from USA.
I have faxed them that I havent recieved my PR Card but they are not responding.
Please help.

Anuj Nagpal
I thought you should land first (in reply to: PR Card Not Received.)
then they will send your PR card in two or three weeks
about pr card (in reply to: PR Card Not Received.)
Hello,i was asked to send in a new photo in october 2017 as my previously submitted photos didnt meet the specifications but havent received any feedback after i did.can i please get an update on my card.its my first pr card.thanks
sraku albert afari
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