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Subject: Our daugher's status

We are landed immigrants from US. We moved to Canada about 7 months back. Our daughter is a US citizen. She was born after we our Permanent Residency was approved.

We have applied for our daughter´s Permanent Residency immediately after we moved here. Her application is in process in Buuffalo.

Will it be a problem for our daugher to stay here on her US passport while her application is in process in Buffalo?

Your advice is highly appreciated.


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When you say approved, do you mean your daughter was born after visa issuance but before landing or after visa issuance & landing.

I´m sure that would make a difference because if she was born before you landed you should have informed CIC about change in family composition.

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I think a US citizen can stay in Canada for 6 months without any visa right ? I am not sure about that rule, but I think its something like that, so maybe you can apply for a visa for extended period of time.... other folks here can comment on that.
How are you dealing with her medical insurance in Canada ?

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Our daughter was born after we landed.

We have taken private insurance.

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