Retirement in Canada - Health Issues?

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Subject: Retirement in Canada - Health Issues?
  I went to university in Canada and I would like to retire in Canada with my wife but is there a "retirement" type of application since, being retired, I don´t fit the other classes? I have substantial assets and retirement income.

Also I have existing medical conditions (coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, high cholesterol, etc.) which I assume would exclude me on medical grounds. Am I right is this assumption or any ideas on these specific conditions?

Maybe Canada should accept persons with medical conditions but make them contribute into the health system (either monthly or in lump sum upon visa acceptance) in accordance with their specific M rating and expected future needs for medical care? Like pre-paid insurance.

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there is nothing preventing you from living here 6 months of the year. Not sure permanent residency is an option.

in reverse, we call ourselves snow birds. they all go to Florida, Palm Springs or Arizona.

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As Sharon said, you can stay there 6 months out of the year as a visitor. But not participate in any benefits such as health care, as you´d have to be a PR or citizen for that.

Canada has no specific program for immigration based on substantial assets alone. The closest thing is Investor or Enterpreneur class. But each require prior business experience. And there´s always the Skilled Worker program. Check the Canada immigration website for more information.

A medical exam will be required. It´s up to immigration to make such medical decisions.

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That´d be a no-go then. I don´t want the hassle of being a snowbird. (I like those 8 ft snow drifts in north Toronto!)

Thanks for the replies.

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Google the Canada Border Service Agency and search for long term resident. All the information you require is there.

You may need a three year lease.


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