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Subject: US taxes abroad
Hi all,

I am an American living in Canada as a PR & I need to file my 2007 taxes. I never worked in the US, just Canada.

Can you tell me what forms I need to fill out, please.

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From IRS faq:

13.1 Aliens and U.S. Citizens Living Abroad: Canadian & U.S. Tax Issues:

I am a U.S. citizen. If I move to Canada to live and work there as a Canadian permanent resident, do I pay both U.S. and Canadian Taxes?

United States citizens living abroad are required to file annual U.S. income tax returns and report their worldwide income if they meet the minimum income filing requirements for their filing status and age. You must contact the Canadian Government to determine whether you must file a Canadian tax return and pay Canadian taxes. For the United States income tax return, you will have options available to you to claim a foreign tax credit or exclude some or all of your foreign earned income.

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what happens if all income is earned in USA and one just has PR status in canada (by just landing and coming back to usa) , no earnings in canada???
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That´s a big if. If no Canada income, residence, dependents or spouse living there, social ties, drivers licence, bank accounts, or health insurance card, then you´re deemed a non-resident from Canada´s perspective. In that case, not necessary to file income tax.

However, it behooves PRs to file tax returns as possible and practical to prove satisfying residency obligations.

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Sorry but there is an exception to above. New PRs establish residential ties to Canada in the first year of receiving PR status. Therefore, "world income" should be reported for that tax year, which would be any U.S. income. This is my interpretation of Canada tax code.

Check out the Canada Revenue Agency website. You can always call them to verify.

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In the first year new PRs aren´t taxed on all world income until the date they establish residency.

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Thanks Anon, I stand corrected. PRs (new or not) in any year with residential ties and owing tax on world income must file.

That´s why it´s important to check CRA on one´s own. My first response appears correct.


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