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Subject: spousal sponsorship
  I was recently married in the peoples republic of china and am now starting to fill out the paperwork to sponsor and immigrate her to canada under the spousal/family class. My question is how will a consumer proposal look when they do a credit check on me, as I had to file a consumer proposal under the canadian bankruptcy and insolvency act 18 months ago and have another 18 months to pay for this, I consulted with my trustee and I am not classified as an undischarged bankrupt and never was given that this is not a bankruptcy, however it does appear on my credit history as "Credit Counciling or Bankruptcy information" I am working hard to take care of this, but how will this affect my sponsorship application if any?
Consumer proposal and sponsorship (in reply to: spousal sponsorship)
Will my consumer proposal affect my ability to sponsor my wife? I am gainfully employed by Honda of Canada. My preliminary research indicates that the proposal will not but an undischarged bankruptcy will.
Jeff Long
Sponsor letter (in reply to: spousal sponsorship)
Hi Friends,

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