is this waiting normal?

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Subject: is this waiting normal?
  I had interview for PR in sept-2007
I was told that my case is concidered.
I had medicals in the biggining av oct-2007
I was asked to follow courses about life in canada at International office of migration, at this point I was very positive I thought I am going to canada. now 5 months have passed without getting any communication from the canadian embassy. should I worry?

I checked on e-case, it only shows the date my case was registered and the date of my interview. that is what written for all 8 months without a single change.

can checking my status many time hurt my case, (can them see that I have checked and notice my desparation and be seen as pushy?)

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When you post a question and you actually desire a reply please state what type of application! Business, PNP, FSW or............

Processing times vary based on the type of application and which Visa Post which you did not inform of us either.

Sara you can be negative thinking or positive thinking. If there is something that can be done give us the info and we will gladly respond to your questions. Checking e-cas does not register anywhere or affect your ______________ application.


Roy kindly here is the info. i had not elaborated about. (in reply to: is this waiting normal?)
My case is Permentent Residence as a goverment sponsered refugee. my application was sent by UNHCR to the embassy in Kenya.(UNHC recomended my case).and medicals were done in kenya. Thanks for your advive Roy.
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