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Subject: Immigration issues in today's budget
  please note - if the budget fails to pass, these initiatives die with the current government.

Finance Canada released their 2008 budget this afternoon, thought I might post the portion on immigration:

Modernizing the Immigration System

Advantage Canada recognized that in a modern global economy, Canada?s immigration policies need to be closely aligned with our labour market needs. Budget 2007 took action to make the immigration system more responsive to the new labour market realities in Canada. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program was streamlined to enable employers to bring in workers more quickly to address their immediate labour shortages. The Government also introduced the new Canadian Experience Class to expedite the process for skilled temporary foreign workers and foreign students with Canadian credentials and work experience to remain in Canada as permanent residents, under certain conditions.

Canada must maintain the ability to compete globally for the best and the brightest by creating the optimal conditions to attract immigrants who can contribute fully to Canada?s prosperity. A well-managed and efficient immigration system is critical to achieving this objective. The Government will continue to modernize Canada?s immigration system.

Budget 2008 builds on Advantage Canada priorities with additional measures to improve the immigration system?s capacity and flexibility to respond to Canada?s dynamic and evolving labour market needs. Concrete measures will be initiated to expedite the processing of permanent resident applications. Combined with the recent improvements to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the expansion of the Provincial Nominee Program and the new Canadian Experience Class announced in Budget 2007, these measures will ensure that the labour needs of employers in all provinces and territories are met in a more timely fashion.

To complement these actions, changes will be made to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to improve the immigration process. It is not fair for prospective immigrants to wait for years before being considered, and it is not desirable to wait that long for the immigrants the country needs. The measures proposed in Budget 2008 will expedite the processing of permanent residents to ensure that skilled immigrants can get to Canada when their skills are in demand. The proposed legislative changes will provide flexibility for concrete measures, as required, to more effectively manage the future growth in the inventory, such as addressing the number of applications accepted and processed in a year. The end result will be reduced wait times and improved service. These changes will allow Canada to take the first steps towards establishing a "just-in-time" competitive immigration system which will quickly process skilled immigrants who can make an immediate contribution to the economy.

Action will also be taken to help address the growing demand at Canadian missions abroad for temporary resident visas for students and skilled workers. In particular, the Government will focus on helping post-secondary educational institutions attract foreign students and on facilitating their arrival in Canada. For example, an online application system, as well as other measures to improve service and speed up processing, will be implemented for student visas. These initiatives, combined with new Canada Graduate Scholarships for Canadian and international students, will enhance Canada?s ability to compete with other countries to attract and retain the best foreign students.

Taken together, these initiatives will ensure the ongoing integrity of the immigration program. They will enable Canada to respond to growing demand and to admit more highly-skilled immigrants and their families, including foreign students. At the same time, Canada?s social and humanitarian objectives will be preserved and continue to be balanced with Canada?s labour market needs.

Budget 2008 provides $22 million over the next two years, rising to $37 million per year by 2012?13, to implement this next critical stage of modernizing the immigration system.

Taken from here:

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I can only assume that is why any College or University will pay any foreign recruiter a minimum of $1,800.00 for every foreign student who registers with their College/University.

That anyone can get paid attracting foreign students and their is no regulation of any offshore or In Canada foreign student recruiters.

CIC issues thousands of student visas from private schools which are not even recognized by their provincial Ministries of Education. Then these students arrive and ascertain that these "schools" are little more then learning centers on paper.

So now the Visa Posts are going to record SAP applications by NOC codes. There is nothing in the budget that selects the best in any particular occupation and that is where we should be focusing our concern.

When the Revenue earned by Immigration is given to the Immigration department instead of the Federal government before any is given back to Immigration then we can talk change.

When CBSA is disbanded and those staff are given back to CIC and no one has to wait for five years for any application then we can talk about the future. Triple the staff of CIC clear up the back log and then decrease staff due to attrition then we have something.



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Hi Roy&sharon

Does that mean less immigrants? Does that mean less work for immigration lawyers and consultants? does that mean legal fees are in increase?

BTW Roy: you haven´t answered my question in last post.
Good evening

Anaconda Patel
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no, and no, and no.

what it means is that the work permit/immigration and PNP program will take a larger chunk of the total immigration total and immigrants will have a better chance at being employed at the skill level they are trained.

Anaconda, Roy is under no obligation to answer any question. if he does so, say thank you. if he ignores you, perhaps he is busy with a paying client or the answer is obvious or the the question is a trap. take your pick.

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