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Subject: new or old criteria
im just woundering tat whether we are gonna assessed by old criteria or the new one ? i mean those who got AoR in Oct 2002 or Before because one of my frnd got his medical so dont know yet ... so any one got an idea or knowledge abt tat ? i applied as a skilled applicant from Islamabad ...thanx :)
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I think that depands on what do you mean by criteria? Like I applied for SW 2005 ( submitted all the papers and IELTS) and 2006 they launched new simp. process. Nothing would affect on my case.
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points changed in 2002. My understanding is that they use which ever criteria is in your favour.

I am very disappointed to think that after 6 years of waiting you have done very little to improve your english skills. Finding well paying work may be difficult.

get studying.


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