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Subject: For Roy, please help

I´m a Canadian Citizen living in El Salvador. I´m married and moving back to Canada to apply for my Wife´s residency. My Wife has 2 daughters that have lived with me since they were 1 and 2, now 8 and 9.

I have recognized both girls as my daughters as that was the advice we received from the lawyer when we got married. On their birth certificate I appear as the Father. My question is the following.

Do I apply for girls residency on the same application as my wife or is there a different process that needs to be taken?

My other question is I have lived and worked in El Salvador for 3 years. Do I have to wait 12 months to provide 12 months of employment history or can I apply once I arrive in Canada or can I provide my work history from El Salvador.

I appreciate your advice and help on the matter.

Thank you for your time


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