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Subject: Thanks Canada
After 18 years of being working in Northern Alberta, I have finally reach the point where I am ready to retire. I have been bought out.

I will be moving to Kelowna BC in about 5 months to live my retirement at the age of 42. How exciting. I might start another small bussines to keep my self active and busy!.

Being an immigrant my self, all what I have to say is THANKS CANADA!!!!!

I found an awesome quality of life, great winters (ya right!), and most important GREAT people.

No Government is perfect and no system is bugs free but whoever is thinking about immigrating to this wonderful country will find a quality of life along with a beautiful scenary.

Cheers and bottoms up eh!


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CONGRATULATIONS I am sooooo jealous. Bought out, Retirement and Kelowna all in one post is almost more than I can stand!

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Congratulations Bill! How great to hear a success story! Enjoy your new life! :)
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Congrats Bill.... dream come true.
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Hi Bill,

It is very good to hear some positive things. My immigration file is still in progress, I am reguested to have medical exam so, I think I am close to be immigrant but when I read some experiences, I am afraid to go Canada. Your writings encouraged me. Thank you and good luck with your new job.

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Will be out your way this spring and may stop in for a pint.

Glad to hear your happy, Bill.


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