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Subject: TRV application from dubai
  Hello freinds

i would like to apply for TRV. i am a resident of dubai and i work here. i would like to know that are my in-laws my relatives? there are questions about relatives in the application form, so i want to know that is my sister-in-law´s sister my relative or not? i am planning to visit her but i dont know whether i should put her down as a relative or a friend in the application? will putting her as my relative reduce my chance of getting the visa as she is only a part of my extended family.? also she is not a citizen there. she is just a student she is not a citizen of canada, does it harm my chances of getting the visa if i say i will go to visit her?
please help me out with this asap

many thanks in advance

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Well yes and no she is a relative through marriage and distant at that. Your not intending on visiting her, why not?

The issue is the reason to visit is why. The Sister In-Laws sister invited you to go Dog Sledding up north, to see the Polar Bears in the wild or to.......

Understand all know that a student is on a limited budget so how will they be able to take time off to spend hundreds of dollars on you.

Most depends on the real person or thing you are seeking to visit. The reason for return and funds available.


ok .. thnx but still more questions (in reply to: TRV application from dubai)
hi thanx for the quick reply... but i am still a bit confused..sorry.......but this means it is ok to put her down as my relative?? the visa officer wont see a problem there ..will he?..... she qualifies to be my relative then? and should i state why do i want to visit her.????. i understand the letter from her has to state why i am see her.. right? for polar bear trip etc?.. so her invitation letter needs to say for what is she inviting me ..right?............ as far as funds are concerned .. i will be giving my bank statements which will show i have enough funds to survive there for that time... so that shouldnt be a problem....
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