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Subject: Spousal Sponcership
  Dear Roy/Sharon

I would like to tell you my story if you don?t mind. Please give me your advise.
I came to Canada in 2000 as a refugee claim. My file got refuse in all proces (appeal, PRA,HRC,). Finaly I got my deportation order in 2004 but I didn?t leave Canada.
On May 2005 I met a young lady who?s my wife now,so we start relaitionship for almost more than a year . In Jully 2006 she porposed to marry each other. We married in November 18 2006. My father in law came to canada for vising us on jun 2006. One day we went out for shopping and I got pull over and police arrested me because of immigraition warrant. My wife got a lawyer and he brought me out of jail and my wife sponcer me but immigration told me I have to leave Canada because my deportation order is active( In 2004 they ask me to put $5000 for bond to leave Canada but I didn?t leave at that time so they took $5000).This time they ask for $20000 for bail out , my wife she put that money and we leave Canada. We put our blongins in storage under our name.
We provide all the documents such as Canadian marriage certificate, Iranian marriage certificate, our birth certificats which have our name in each one as a wife and husband,photos from 2005 till 2008 include our wedding in Canada and photos in Iran with our family , photos in Canada with our friends and relatives, rental paper in canada signed by us,all the bills under our name with same address,clean creminal records fron Iran and Canada,Medical paper,etc. I had an interview in Damoscus in Feb 2008,they refuse the file because they didn?t believe the marraige is geniun.
Sir, Please tell us what we can do for profing our marriage. Our lawyer told me get anything can proff your ralationship anything with same address but what?
My wife passport says she is with me in Iran. Our parents want to get the petition.
We have a plan to have baby but I don?t want them to think this is the new story . I don?t want use my baby as canada visa but my wife pushing me to have baby because of being married for more than a year now, she loves baby.
My wife she didn?t come with me to interview just because our lawyer told us to do not taking her with myself. Now she says if she had come with me that was helpful.
now we are in appeal proces for ADR and IAD.


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