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Subject: is the waiting normal to ROY
  my case is parmanent residence as a govment sponsered refugee. the case was submitted in kenya. interview in sept-2007 medical october-2007- culture orientation nov -2007 .....nothing up to today. should i have been asked to go for culture orientation if the case was not fine? what is your read in this silence. on the web, it is only marked that i must comme for interview in sept-2007, that means that the last update was before sept-2007.
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Do you have dependents that are not with you? Are you alone and country of origin please.
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Roy, I have 2 young brothers with me, tyey are 18 years and 20 . I am the principal applicant and the boys are on my file . They all passed interview with me and the interviewer told us that we are concidered and sent us to have our medical done the same day. we left our contry of origin 8 years ago and are registered from that time as refugees asylum seekers in kenya. the unhcr in Nairobi considered us for resetlement as a durable solution 7 years after we were registered with them. country of origin Rwanda.
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