request of visa stamping and my wife is pregnant

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Subject: request of visa stamping and my wife is pregnant
I just received letter from Canadian consulate at Buffalo stating that our visa process is complete and asking us to send to them our passports for visa stamping. The medical results were received to Canadian consulate on last August the second 2007. In the meantime my wife became pregnant. I will not be able to land to Canada until late of July or the beginning August because of my school at that time we should already get the baby. My question is if I let the consulate know about this pregnancy and due date of her delivery since I will not be able to go Canada for landing and delivery, will our stamped visa get delayed because of letting them know? Or is it wise to send our passports for visa stamping and later on we let them know about the arrival of the new member of our family? I live in USA. Your help and answer to this question is well appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Youssef Jamali
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You let them know that you will not be able to land before the delivery so would like to delay the visa issuance. Once you have the baby, you should request the medical forms for the baby and redo your medicals.

If you live in USA, I think you should go and land and come back. It will take 2 days at the most.

Once visa is stamped, your file is closed and they will not add new family member. You will have to reapply.

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You leave too much out in your posting to give you sufficient options. principal applicants must land before dependents.

What is your partners due date?

Not all provinces require three months of residency to cover costs of a birth.

Is this your partner first child? Makes a lot of difference regarding hospital costs. Labour times are normally an awful quicker process the second or tenth time around. Not that I have been through that personally.

Do you have family or friends were your partner can reside during the pregnancy?

Your date issue of late July or early August because of school seems unusual since most schools are closed in July or August. Care to explain?

Can you return to the US if you enter Canada (LAND) leave your partner with some one to maintain residency and get health insurance?

Understand the second the child is born if unfortunately Baby _________ requires any special medical attention all will be covered no questions asked or bills later.

I do understand that a major issue is that your present to cut the cord. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE SO FAR!

Calm down future Dad and all will be okay in time.


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