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Subject: Waiting for PPR...
Why is taking so loooooooong to receive passport requests (PPR)? We submitted medicals in Nov, and still haven´t got passport request from Buffalo office..?? How long they normally take?
anyone else in similar situation, please reply. Thanks.,

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My dear Teddy

WHO knows the answer to that question ? You are one of the many applicants who are waiting for PPR and nobody really knows how long it takes.

If it can make you feel better, I have completed my Medicals in August 2007 and I am STILL WAITING.

Your PPR will be sent when background check is over, and that can take from a few months to more than one year.

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same as CBV...
We´re on the "special" list... we´re such good candidates that they´re double checking everything so they can believe what they see.

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But my background check was already over. My original medicals expired last Oct becauase we couldn´t land due to my work situation. They asked to resend medicals which we did in Nov last, and now waiting ever for PPR. Not sure what else is left now to be checked??
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oh so you screwed up!

I heard that Buffalo office is very slow these days so you are just back into the line and waiting like everyone else.

It is a bad thing not to land when you can!!

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Sorry. Can I ask which class you apply for immigration? Family or skilled employee or investment?


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I also did my medicals in Sep 07. My e-CAS finally changed today after 5 months to "Medical reports have been received"

I also heard the Buffalo office is very slow in past 3-4 months. Most of the applications processed (faster) are those transferred by Buffalo to other offices like Detroit, Seattle, etc. (Lucky guys)
But very few applications are being processed from Buffalo itself.(unlucky guys)
You can see the sttistics on http://www.trackitt.com/canada-immigration-trackers/

It´s all luck.


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