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Subject: Quebec skilled workers
I am in the process of preparing my residency in Canada:

I found out from the immigration website that I can apply for Quebec Skilled workers instead of Federal which takes half the time than Federal does being that the "Tunisian" processing time for Federal skilled workers takes 5 yrs and up before they issue the residency.

for the Quebec skilled process, I first need to apply for the Certificate of Selection by Quebec (CSQ) but it is quite confusing to apply as there is divergence in the information on the immigration websites.

what documents should I submit with the CSQ application and do I pay an initial 390 CAN $ fee for the CSQ? and what are the remaining documents that are to follow once I am approved for the CSQ and if there is another fee?

Thanks for the enlightenment


Imen K.
Operations Director
Fieldwork International, Healthcare

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Only apply as a Quebec Skilled Worker if you want to settle in Quebec. If you work in health care, you need to speak French.

Applying as a QSW is a 2-part process. First you apply for your CSQ ($390). Once you receive the CSQ, then you submit the federal application with your CSQ ($550 + $490). The processing time you saw is for this part of the application. It doesn´t include the time needed for the CSQ application. So, you don´t save time by going the Quebec route.

If you still want to apply through Quebec, you can find more info and the documents list here:

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however, investigate a work permit to Quebec. I am assuming you are fluent in french. The healthcare industry has huge shortages in all areas so there may be a way to get you to the front of the line with your training.

I am also understanding that applications submitted in 2006 or later are taking 3 years through Paris. (still not the greatest) but Quebec selection gets priority.

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Many thanks for this swiftness :)

I am indeed fluent in French and I work in healthcare industry, this does not mean that I am a nurse, doc or else but I am the director of the data collection department( we collect doctors notes on the anticancer treatment they are using on their patients)

do I still stand a chance to ensure a proper work in Quebec or is it wiser to apply for the Federal skilled workers at this stage considering Im looking for management jobs, predominantly?


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wow, im impressed with your english if your tunisian and have grown up in tunisia!

job wise it will be a huge advantage for you to be bilingual so i dont think you will have trouble getting a job in quebec.

yes csq is often faster than federal skilled worker, but you need to add the time for csq and the processing through paris for the PR visa after receiving the csq...i dont know what this total timeframe would be for a tunisian (im married to a tunisian but living in australia and applying from here)

federal skilled worker from paris takes a long time...but it does from every visa office these days. i havent seen any paris timelines lately so not sure what applications they are processing but i did see on that a person who applied to paris was asked for updated docs in jan when they applied in aug 06, so maybe min. 3 yrs would be a good approximate guess. on the website of the canadian embassy in paris they say 36 mths for applications received in 2006. i would expect it to take this long or maybe a little longer

remember if you apply for a csq you will have to try and establish yourself in quebec as you sign a declaration to quebec in the application.

the big burp
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thanks Big!

my fluency in English is due to the fact that I studied in the states, precisely NY, only gave a fly dang about residency there :)

through the Immigration for Quebec website, I saw that I need to first send my CSQ application ( along with many other documents like diplomas, transcripts, financial efficiency application, etc...) to the "Direction de l´immigration économique - Maghreb" which is in Quebec, once the CSQ is approved, I then can apply to the Paris office along with again other supporting documents.

is this the right info or Am I getting wrong somehow?

thanks for sharing anything on this behalf as I am about to submit my application.

my regards to your Tunisian soulmate.

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you could also look for a work permit. You are a gold mine of skills. A work permit gets you here fast and then you apply through Buffalo while you are already in Canada.

alternatively, see if you can come for a visit, and get in the faces of some interesting companies that would desperately need your skills that would also be willing to give you a job offer.

How´s this for a crazy idea... check the 2010 Olympic site in the job section. IT department, fluent in both official languages a requirement. You never know!!! Think outside the box :)

my guy is also Tunisian! His enlish is not as good as yours but he is learning fast.

are all the smart guys leaving the country? seems like the work situation is not the greatest (never mind the salaries)

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Hi Sharon,

how can I apply for a work permit when I do not have a job offer or contract with a Canadian company? is it feasible?

to be honest, my job in Tunisia is fantastic and even more is my salary, but it is the quality of living that I am looking for + a professional atmosphere thriving for success..
thats what we luck in Tunisia, hypocrites keep piling up and I cannot put up with that sh** anymore.

my buddies troop is scattered over the globe, I have lived in several continents which makes it hard for me to readapt to my own country, quite sad but true and Im coping.

nice chatting to you.

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you are going to need to do some searching for that employer. In the mean time, get your PR application in.

I am constantly shocked at the lack of professionalism that you mention. I have strongly advised my guy that if I lived there, he would be visiting me regularly in jail.

Did I mention how I hate your phone company? I am convinced there are 2 phone operators that regularly go outside for a cigarette at the same time and there is nobody running the switchboard. If there is a football game on... well, might as well forget it. I have been getting the french/arabic ´no network´ message for about 45 minutes now. Buy me a gun.

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oh, must be something about the tunisian men hey. yeah my man also speaks some english, but its improving a lot...we both communicated in german originally...but too hard to get a PR visa or stay long term in europe.

yes you can get a work permit, but must find an employer willing to go through a lengthy process of sponsorship.

yes step 1 is to apply for CSQ
once you get your CSQ

Step 2 apply for PR visa with CSQ (the federal govt does medical and background/security checks)

you can apply to the office for the csq and PR visa either at the office looking after your country of nationality (tunisia, so this would be csq responsible for mahgreb and paris for Pr or country of residence if your admitted for 1 yr or more, so if your legally admitted to usa for a year or more then you can apply to buffalo for pr - check out processing times for both countries of residence and see which is quicker)

the big burp
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thanks Big.

but what goes with the CSQ application ( documents)
is this the list or Am I missing something:

I have prepared/filled the CSQ application along with:
contract respecting fianancial self efficiency
payment fees ( 390CAN$)
diplomas copies
transcripts copies
copy of passport
birth certificate
proof of english and french ( I am a TEFL/business english teacher and speaking french since age of 3 but is it mandatory to submit a french proof since it is not my native language?
Work experience letter