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Subject: Landing and dependent status..
  Hi, Iam planning to go to US and land in toronto this month end. And Iam in toronto right now on work permit valid till november. My wife is staying with me and she doesnt have US visa...
If I land in toronto this month end:
1. Will they cancel our work permit?...
2. What will be happen to to my wife status (she has open work permit).

thanks for your respose...

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Your wife can go to the nearest Canada-US border and get a refusal letter from US side. On showing this to the Canadian side, she can land in Canada as a PR. This will not effect her future US visa applications.
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Thanks for your information... will they cancel my work permit immediately..
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After you land as PR you don´t need a WP. So i believe it becomes invalid.
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Good day, my husband has work permit in Canada and i´m staying with him(with 2 little kids) as a temporary resident. we applied for PR, but it takes time to be approve.We are from israel,my husband has visa to US and I don´t. We are living near US border in Manitoba,and my husband usually goes to do shopping to USA. I want to apply for US visa for me too , my question is:
I need to apply for my visa to US through embassy or maybe there is opportunity to do this on US border if my husband have visa ?

Thans for response

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