Common law partner here under Temp. Wk Permit-- qt

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Subject: Common law partner here under Temp. Wk Permit-- qt
I have some questions as to how to apply to extend my stay here in Canada if my common law partner just got hired for 1 year with Temp. Wk Permit.

A bit more info-- he is a software developer, which falls under NOC SKill Level A, which from what I was reading means that I could apply for an initial work permit w/out an LMO or HRSDC confirmation.

We have joint bank accounts and a residential lease. But we just made the "1 year" mark a month ago, after he got his Temp. Work Permit. What was a holiday turned into a wk opportunity. Should he call and update his status first with CIC, so that I may then be able to send in my application? Or what is the best way to present our case?

I´ve been scouring the web for info, I would appreciate some knowledgeable feedback. Thanks, Ani

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If your the same person who e-mailed me you already have the answer. The answer sometimes changes with the details. What area code did you inform me?

You need to explain when your partner received his work permit and if it is employer specific plus when it will expire.

Depending on that he could get another work permit and it would cost you the cost of the flights or you can include a copy of his work permit and complete a IMM 1249 for yourself.

You can also look at the FW Manual Chapter 10.2 spouses of skilled workers, eligible under R205(c), C41 (see Section 5.39);

What I do not understand is how you lived together for more then a year if on a work permit.

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