Girlfriend's visa denied

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Subject: Girlfriend's visa denied
  Background & Scenario.
My girlfriend has been on a study visa for 6 years.
This year, she renewed her visa as always, but the courier had issues and the immigration office did not receive her renewal application.
She was fined; she sent the fine by courier again before leaving the country (to hong kong) for Christmas holidays.
However, apparently the fine she paid was not sufficient and when she returned to Canada, she was told her visa expired and a renewal can only take place in Hong Kong; she got deported.

She applied for a study permit again in Hong Kong, but they rejected her application for the following two reasons:

All her visa renewal applications were very close to the deadline (1-2 weeks before deadline)
She only maintained an average of 3 courses per term and had a low GPA.

Is there anything she can do to obtain a study permit again?
Does anyone know of an agency or anyone that can help?

She is applying to enter canada for travel and to "pack her bags" in canada.

If worse comes to worse, i will marry her. Is it possible they deny her canadian citizenship even though we´re married due to the above scenario?

Last question. I received this letter for visa renewal AFTER she was deported. Can she use this to obtain her visa again?

MUCH APPRECIATED if someone can help me out here. It´s a rough time for me and her right now. we´ve been together for almost 3 years.

Thank You so much.

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Your girlfriend was excluded not deported! You have another problem regarding your comment below.

It will definitely be a cold evening at your place if your girlfriend ever reads this quote "If worse comes to worse, i will marry her". Only as a last resort will you marry her after being in a relationship for three years!!!!!! Nice guy!

When one applies for temporary residence in another country then applies for renewals they know that there are rules!

Any evidence in support of her application what ever that may be is evidence and will hold some weight but do not hold your breath expecting a positive results.

You need to pray!


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you may also be faces with some strong scrutiny about the timing of your marriage and whether it is purly for immigration purposes...

and by the sounds of it... it is!

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If she is planing to apply for visitor visa there is a chance of refusal again so be careful.
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