Getting a work permit from within Canada?

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Subject: Getting a work permit from within Canada?
  Hi all,

After getting different answers from immigration lawyers, consultants, other applicants and so on, I´d love any advice that anyone has on the topic above.

I´m just going to point form my issue below:

1) My common law spouse applied for his PR prior to the expiry of his one year Working Holiday Maker visa. At the same time, he applied for a TRP/and initial work permit.
2) Immigration issued him a visitor´s visa (not allowing him to work or study) while his PR is in process.
3) We have sent a letter to immigration stating the error, and what we would like (being the work permit) as well as a letter from his employer.

Some are telling us, that it´s difficult to qualify for an initial work permit. Also, as we previously knew, there are no extensions or renewing of a Working Holiday Maker visa. This is why he was issued only a visitor´s visa.

How is it then, that temporary residents can work? Or did I miss something in all the paperwork I read that states that a person cannot work, until they are passed 1st stage approval with their PR appliation?

If anyone has any advice, or has gone through this situation please tell us anything about the process.

Thank you!!!

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