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Subject: immigrating from America
I am American and I would like to know how easy / hard is to immigrate to Canada. How is with the work permit? How often do I need to renew my visa if I get the work permit?
What about taxes (in reply to: immigrating from America)
I would also like to know more about tax information for people from usa working in Canada. I have an opportunity to work in Canada on contract but tax information is critical in my case. Anybody knows?
John Frascone
America, America, America (in reply to: immigrating from America)
I would never move to Canada anyway for no matter what reasons. What would I be doing there - it is boring in Canada. I don´t see why would anyone move from United States to Canada

Uvina Schneider
Canada!!! (in reply to: immigrating from America)
Uvina, it seems that you are German. That´s interesting that you love so much you USA. Beside Canada is soooo much better to live in than in USA. But obviously you don´t know that, just like you don´t know many other things in your life.
Both Canada and America are Good! (in reply to: immigrating from America)
Actually, I see some are saying Canada is best and some are saying America is best. They both have their pros and cons. By the way, I´m Canadian. America has lower personal income taxes while Canada has lower corporate taxes. If you want to run a small business, labour is also less expensive in Canada. When buying goods you´ll find Purchase Power Parity on many goods. I.e. A Subway sandwhich for $6 US in America is $6 CDN in Canada. Also, you´ll find you can afford a much larger home if you live outside urban Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. Ottawa and Edmonton are two fast growing cities which have low property taxes. All in all, I have lots of respect for both Canada and America cause in the end we´re very similar.
US or Canada?????????????????? (in reply to: immigrating from America)
Thank-You kyle for your nice comments....
It seems some people like to just cause trouble...
I live in the US and want to live in Canada...
It seems the crime is not so bad in Canada..
It is true the cost of living is more.........
I´m a health care worker, and i have 15yrs exp.
I have a boyfriend there also..
We are talking about getting married hoping it will make
things alittle easier...
That is not the only reason for the marriage...
Thanks again--------------------MAGGIE--------------------

American want to immigrate to Canada (in reply to: immigrating from America)
Hi my husband is American and I am English. We are looking at the different ways we could immigrate to Canada. What we want to know is there a reciprocal agreement between the States and Canada as there is for the UK and Europe/UK and Ireland? I have tried to look at the Canada Consulate site and can not make head or tail of where that information can be found. It just looks like to have all go through the same process, and take being American and living in America is no more of an advantage than being from the UK and applying. Any advice?
Message to Kerri (in reply to: immigrating from America)
I am interested in the information you gained, would you mind sharing anything you have found out please?

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