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Subject: Sponsring problems/DNA testing
  Hey, basically it´s about my mom who sponsered my dad who is in Pakistan right now. I have my younger siblings there also, but my mom only sponsered my dad due to financial issues( affording tickets etc), so we decided my dad would come here and work and then we would obviously be able to sponser the children( Im only 17, studyin full time so can´t really work). Problem is we´ve been asked to do the DNA testing for those children as well as myself here( which is really stupid because we don´t know on what grounds they are suspecting us, esp the DNA testing part for myself even though I´m already here and for other children who are not even being sponsered, it´s only my dad. So I´m just wondering are they entitled to ask for DNA tests for people who are not part of your application, like who you´re not sponsering. I´ve heard the DNA testing costs a lot, esp here in Canada, so is their some othey way around this, like can we appeal against their decision?? I hope anyone can help here, thank you.
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no, it is not stupid. CIC requires all members of a family to be listed and medically examined even if they are not being sponsored at that time. It is to prevent you from inventing new family members at a later date. It is highly unusual for a family to be sponsored a little bit at a time. Who will be caring for your siblings in Pakistan when your father arrives in Canada?

So, CIC is asking for verification about who exactly are the children in this family and yes, it is their right to ask, and yes it will probably be expensive. But, you are dealing with a situation full of opportunity to be deceptive and the onus is on you and your family to prove who the members are of your family.

I doubt that there is any opportunity to appeal.

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Motive what is the motive for the question.

If they are your siblings you have two choices!

Do the DNA test or don´t do the DNA test.

Certain individuals have been known to add non-family members to the application.

Now DNA testing is an expense but so is an appeal.

Why on earth would you NOT want to do the testing? Are they not your siblings? Do you not want your brothers and sisters to join you?

Maybe someone has called or written CIC after someone told that one or three children have been added to the application or.......

An appeal to save fifty cents that has no grounds for the appeal will leave you at the same starting point.

Illogical questions are asked when your in the wrong.


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Hey, thanks for replying, really appreciate all the help. Well I certainly didn´t think they could ask for DNA testing of those not being sponsered, that´s why I posted here. As for adding non-family members to your application, well if that were the case, wouldn´t we be sponsering the children with the parent to avoid any suspicion. I obviously understand you know that immigration have the right to ask for DNA testing, but it should only be for those being sponsered. If they think we have children of some other family in our application, they could wait and do the DNA testing when they are sponsered. That way if they are not supposed to come, they won´t. We wouldn´t include them in our family if we are not going to bring them here. We didn´t sponser them for financial reasons, so now if we have to do the DNA and all that stuff for everyone of us, we would obv rather you know they were sponsered all together. As far who would look after them when my father is here, unlike here, people in Pakistan live in extended families, and children however small they are often don´t have any problem staying with uncles/grand mothers etc for a while.
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CIC is very strict about listing the entire family. They have their reasons and are quite happy to say... if you don´t like it - don´t apply.
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Sharon, i must say that you have some kind of psychological problems and you should see a doctor because i noticed from all of your replies that you are so arrogant and rude towards people, seeking advice. If you can not show patience and sympathy, you better keep your mouth shut and dont bother replying messages....sounds like you own this forum, go and get a life for you.....
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Mike, do you have any advice for Ali? did not think so.

Ali, please be very careful. Leaving family members out of an application because you do not intend to sponsor them is technical misrepresentation. There is something in the file that is prompting this question - I have no idea what it is but requesting DNA is not an automatic.

Our logic is not necessarily CIC´s logic. They do strange things for strange reasons. I have never been able to figure out why they want details about an entire extended family but they obviously have their reasons.

Given the hassle you are facing, how hard would it be to bring the entire family at once? It may resolve some of the issues you are facing.

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