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Subject: Temporary Resident Questions
  Here´s the deal. I am an American Citizen. My wife is a Canadian Citizen born in British Columbia. We met two years ago. The plan was for her to move to the states to live there, but she has a 3 year old daughter who had a heart transplant as an infant. So, moved to Seattle for a few months and commuted to visit her in Victoria on the weekends until we married. We got married in February 2007 in Victoria. At the time when I entered the last time before our wedding, I was given a Visitor Record that was good for six months. That expired. I ended up back in the states working on the east coast for the summer of 2007 and returned "home" to Victoria at the end of August 2007. I was allowed to enter to come back to my wife who was also four months pregnant with our first baby together at the time. I have not gotten another visitor record. We are going to back to the states to visit my family so they can see our baby sometime in April. My wife is extremely concerned that I may get deported before then and then have a hard time coming back. I believe I will have to cross the border regardless and try to obtain another temporary resident permit . Is that correct? Would we be safe to just wait and go visit my family and then try to get a new one when we are ready to come back to Victoria? Or do I need to go now and get it before then? There is no question that we can prove we are in a bonafide marriage. The circumstances surrounding why I need to be in Canada are significant. We have bank accounts together. We have a 3 week old son together. The only reason I came here is because health care for her daughter´s heart condition would bankrupt us in the United States. We get different information every time we call CIC.
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We are going to apply for permanent resident status with my wife sponsoring me, but I need to be a legal temporary resident before we do that.
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