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Subject: Apply for Citizenship Question
  I?m about to complete my required 2 out of 5 years (not 3 years because i studied here previously) stay in Canada after the application has approved.

What do i need to do next? And how long will it take approx to become a 100% canadian?

I mean, I?ve done 2 yrs stadying in Toronto, Now this April, I can apply for Citizenship....But How Long I need to wait, they say that the paper takes almost 1 year..!!??

Should that be faster ?? Any case out there takes only 3-4 month to receive the final notice, which is taking the Citizenship exam...and getting the posport !!??

I really don?t wanna wait 1 more year ..please advice ...!!

Jeff Chan
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You maintain your permanent resident status by living in Canada for 2 years out of 5.

To apply for citizenship you need 3 years of residency in the previous 4 years. You need to stay another year before you´re eligible to apply.

In Toronto, the citizenship application usually takes more than 4 months and less than a year. Once you become a citizen, then you apply for a passport.

Advice: be patient.

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