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Subject: temporary work permit?
  hi everyone!!

i just have a quick question about perhaps getting my american wife a temporary work permit or temporary residence while our application for spousal sponsorship goes through.
i am leaving the states and coming home in 6 mths and we will be submitting an out of country application through buffalo in about a month or two. We were planning on having her just come up to canada with me on a visitor´s visa until the PR visa comes through, but something came up financially and now we need the both of us to work. Is there any way of getting her a canadian working permit or smthg while our application is proccessing?


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Your going about this the wrong way!

First you claim your returning to Canada in 6 months!

If you are a Canadian citizen apply now, do not wait and your partner should be approved before you return to Canada.

Any Canadian can apply for their partner while they are outside of Canada as long as they return before or at the same time as the applicant.


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we are submitting the application in a month or two because of this new financial situation (her father is sick), and dont have the money to do it this month.
ive read other people´s timelines and know that it is very likely that our processing time will take more than 3 or 4 mths. i was just wondering if there was a way for her to come with me and work if we weren´t approved by august?

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