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Subject: Immigration to Canada Procedure
  I wish to immigrate to Canada from South Africa. I am an IT professional and in the process of trying to find work in Canada, from within South Africa I wish to start the immigration process, what forms do I need to submit? I am married as well how do I apply for my wife as well.

Also I´m a Swiss National, and my wife brittish, does this help our immigration?

Adrian Rupp
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For permanent immigration, start here and select Skilled Worker Class Immigration. All the information, forms, qualifications, and how to apply are there:

When you apply, you´ll include your wife in the same application and you´ll be evaluated and processed together.

It doesn´t help to have Swiss or British nationality (although British used to before 1947). It´s not easy to find IT work form outside Canada. Canadian companies tend to prefer hiring workers already within Canada.

Additionally, Canada has a work permit program for temporary workers. You can do that and then apply for permanent residence later while in Canada.

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