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Subject: Turn off immigration tap before it's too late
  I´m agree 100%.How about you ???

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Turn off immigration tap before it´s too late
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The following is the text of the letter from Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board trustee Gordon Gilchrist which led to his recent censure by the board. The letter originally appeared in the Port Hope Evening Guide and Cobourg Star on Feb. 13.

Let me be the first to accuse Mr. Jack Foote of prejudice. Clearly, Mr. Foote is prejudiced in favour of all that is good about Canada, and fearful of all those things which work against maintaining this, the finest country in the world. Good for you, Mr. Foote, I have seldom read Canadian cultural argument written with such pride, candour, clarity and conviction. Although an immigrant Canadian, Mr. Foote has recognized many of the changes foisted on this country by misguided politicians who were motivated only for re-election and not armed with the determination to sustain Canadian values through vision, patriotism and love of country, with its magnificent future potential. Instead, the failure of imposed multiculturalism, superimposed on the divisiveness of bilingualism, may ultimately prove the downfall of this magnificent country, in which I grew up and came to revere. As one who was born here, I feel compelled to write in support of Mr. Foote´s candid observations.

Mr. Foote has clearly described the crass imposition of bilingualism solely as a government vote-getting instrument, with no regard for the divisiveness it would cause, and he rightly deplores our damaging immigration policies. When will Canadians realize that there is no beneficial offset to the easily-obtained Canadian citizenship that should demand the allegiance of a newcomer? Most immigrants do not bring even a modest understanding of Canadian history or values. Many bring their old-country feuds and hatreds, to be paraded and re-fought on Canadian soil. How could such people be expected to understand and offer a staunch Canadian loyalty to the future of this "Western" country with its Western values when we don´t even ask, or require them to do so?

For example, consider the 800,000 Muslims now resident in Canada, some of whom are Islamic extremist. Do their Imams embrace and preach Western values, or do they condone the Islamic university student who declared on the Internet that it would be better to kill Canadian soldiers in Canada rather than let them fight in Afghanistan? Or what about their low regard for women and their "eastern" Sharia law beliefs that allow a father to kill his daughter for not wearing a Habib? Or Indian immigrants who blow up aircraft in order to settle old, foreign scores, and who demand that Mounties wear turbans and students wear daggers to school? Or gun- toting Jamaicans who prefer to settle scores by bullets on the streets rather than by Canadian law in the courts? Or Sri Lankan Tamils who use Canada as a source of funds for homeland rebellion? Or Canadian passport-carrying Leb-anese residents who demand to be saved by Canada when their homeland goes up in flames?

I do not suggest forcing landed Canadians to return to their home countries. A deal is a deal! But we should not be allowing further reinforcements for questionable causes and we don´t need more people to bring with them foreign problems as well as cause more domestic ones. Left un-reinforced, these new "Canadians" may ultimately learn to love the true meaning of being "Canadian" and we should be accelerating such change in attitude by teaching more Canadian history and civics in our schools.

But why do we continue to delude ourselves that we are better off with a virtual "open door" policy on immigration? Do we not recognize that in addition to creating a modern "Trojan Horse" situation, these quasi-Canadians cause Canada additional economic and environmental distress? Do they not require public support funds? Do they not take Canadian jobs? Do they not cause increased use of scarce agricultural land for new dwellings? Do they not buy cars which add to road congestion and increase environmental pollution? Do they not cause the U.S., our good neighbour and major trading partner, concern about our sieve-like immigration policies and who are now tightening up a formerly open border? Do they not reduce each Canadian citizen´s share of this country´s wealth? Do they not congregate in ghetto-like enclaves to harbour their own particular ethnic complaints, while they make demands against the Canadian establishment? (Africentric schools, for example.)

It is an great fallacy to believe that we "need" major immigration. Canada should only admit people who have the particular skills Canada needs and who share Canadians´ beliefs. We Canadians, who have shown such courage and resolve over the past three centuries, have certainly become apathetic about our glorious history, our former and now dwindling reputation for law and order, our prevention of foreign takeover of our industries, our language, our national pride, our former good influence in world affairs, and our resolve to defend and maintain, unsullied, this beautiful and blessed land, for our children and all future generations.

If Canadians would spend as much time condemning the immigration of uninformed, mis-fitting, and sometimes violent immigrants who are aberrations to Canadian society, as we do carping about our American friends, our neighbours, and protectors, we would be far better off and a far happier country. Why do we welcome our enemies, but disparage our friends? History requires us to share North America with our American friends, but it does not require us to undermine our society by splitting it into a hundred incompatible parts, with some of those parts anathema to Canada´s well being.

Thank goodness for "new" Canadians like Mr. Foote who see us for what we are, what we were, and what we may become because of our preoccupation with the political correctness that muzzles open discussion of all that is worthwhile in Canada, and denies what most Canadians want for our country.

For goodness sake people, get excited about this travesty, get involved..... call your MP and tell him to turn off the immigration tap before it´s too late.

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I have one question for this guy (not you tom but the author). Is he Native American? If not he can shut his hole and shove this crap up his behind. Just because his father or grand-father or great grandfather came here before all the so called ´Quasi-Canadians´ does not give him the right to think he´s CANADIAN.
What would he say about second generation Canadians born to these Quasi-Canadians. Does he expect them to turn on their parents who struggled so that their kids could have a better life in this country just like the author´s ancestors did? Does he expect them to ban people like his parents from coming to this country.
Articles like this really piss me off. Way to spoil my morning. time to do something fun now!!

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Wow! I just hope that like this ´new´ Canadian Mr Foote, I am able to make it into into Canada before the ´immigration tap´ is ever closed...

I said it before and I say it now... I understand how some people may feel about some immigrants who may deplete the countries resources... but one can not generalize and think all immigrants come to be parasites...

Many of us are doing well where we are but feel Canada offers a better future for our children and we are willing to work hard to provide it for them... most of us come with great hopes of a new bright future... most of us know hard work and dedication is the only way to get there... many of us know that nothing will come easy and it is unfair to think that who ever is planning to come is doing so just to sit and get things for free...

Most of us know that we will have to adapt to the new society in order to blend in and in order to be successful... we do not want to make our kids feel different... this may not be an easy thing to do for some people... but I think most of us will try our best to adapt to the Canadian culture and to respect the norms of the Canadian society... it may take some people more time that others but at the end you do in Rome as the Romans do...

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I have debated requesting this thread to be deleted. I find it highly offensive and as a Canadian who is 5th generation on one side and 2nd on the other... I can genuinely say that if it were not for immigration - we would not have a country. Immigration and the people that come as a result are what make our country the best place on earth to live.

Yes, there are days when we feel frustrated with policies, or the saturation of one culture to the point where the english aspects of Canadian life are pretty much lost, but that is a small price to pay.

For every person that things and speaks like this original author and the twit that posted it... there is 9 like me.

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I really hope so Sharon... thanks for the comment.
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I am a student in the KPR, in fact from CDCI West, in Mr. Gilchrest´s coverage area. I´d just like to say that in Gord´s defence, I think that this letter was written in frustration, and perhaps he said a few things he didn´t really mean, and could have worded things better.

He´s not a bigot, or a racist. But to be fair, at least one of the arguments he makes has a basis in reality. Like that student who kept writing about his support for killing Canadian soldiers.

And I don´t believe he meant to generalize about immigrants, he was simply dealing with individual problems we face with immigration. I don´t know about stopping immigration altogether, but an open-door policy might not be the best option either.

Basically, what I´m trying to say is although I may not necessarily agree with what Gord said, it is reporachable the way he was treated by his peers. I witnessed the trustees interact at a board meeting once, they were all very friendly and joked around with Gord. All of a sudden because he speaks his mind, they vote unanimously to censure him. That´s not right.

Even if what he said is disagreable to some people (including myself) he still has a right to say it. We can´t sacrifice basic rights and freedoms for the sake of political correctness.

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what a-hole posted it? even if you have such opinions why go to an immigration forum where people worry and wait for their loved ones to come and post this trash
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