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Subject: spousal sponsorship -within/outside Cda
  Hi there,

I posted something earlier but did not get a reply - will try to rephrase my question and hopefully obtain a reply this time.

I am currently living in Canada with my common law boyfriend and am working here on a post-grad work permit. We are very much interested in pursuing the common law sponsorship route as we are planning to build a future here in Canada.

He is Canadian and I am not. However, we were wondering if it is possible for us to apply with the application for those outside of Canada and sending our application to Missisauga rather than applying from within Canada and sending out application to Alberta seeing as the first route appears faster.

Can this be done?

I hope you can answer our question. Thank you.

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Hi, I don´t know if this will help, but here it goes. I am an American immigrating under the spouse class as my husband is canadian. When I was still living in the US, we weighed the options and decided that the time spent waiting to immigrate from outside of Canada was time we could spend together. Now, if you are already in Canada, you would have to leave the country if you wanted to apply under the ´spouse/common law outside of canada class, also you have to live with that person for a year to qualify in that class. So you would have to have either lived with each other for a year alreay or he would need to come with you out of Canada, or you would need to get married.

If you currently have legal status as a student, and are able to maintain that and/or switch it to another type of visa for at least a year, I would apply as soon as possible. Once you reach second stage approval and have your medical exam completed, you will be sent a letter telling you that you can apply for an open work visa, which means...you don´t have to have a job offer to get it. That can then be your legal status. You wil also receive the go ahead to get your healthcard unless you already have one under your student visa.

My suggestion is that you should stay in canada if at all possible unless it is no hardship for you both to move out of the country, or you have already lived together for a year before you move. Yes, it is longer, I put my application in Feb of 2007 and I just my letter today telling me that my case has been moved to Ottawa ( 1 hour from where I live) and they will be contacting me for an interview if needed....so i think I am getting close to the finish line...LOL. Sure hope so! and good luck to you as well.


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Thanks Holly - that helps!

However my specific situation is that I am no longer a student and am on a post-grad work permit, which is non renewable and almost up in a number of months.

We were wondering if there is any way possible to apply with the application for those outside of Canada even though we are located in Canada.

If Roy and Sharon can assist with this, we´d much appreciate it. Thanks again.

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