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Subject: SINP timeline
Just want to ask how many months would be the processing time for fom the philippines.

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I applied for SINP june last year. I´ve been sent a couple of letters already asking me to submit additional documents that are needed. i submitted the said documnts Nov ´06 and they told me to wait for 6 months for evaluation of my papers. Hoping to hear from them soon...
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just received a letter informing me that my SINP application has been approved. I guess it will take roughly 6-8 months before i can have my Permanent Resident Visa.

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I applied for my sister (SINP)with a job letter back in november 2008. I haven´t got any letter yet. Could someone tell me When am I gonna get response.

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It takes about 3 months for you nomination letter if you are a student or a skilled workers.

Family sponsorships are taking between 3-9 months for the nomination letter.

Of course after that point you still have to submit your federal applications which the processing times differ from country to country.

Hope that helps. and

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I am almost into 9 months since I have applied for my sister with a job letter wondering how long it takes to provincial nomination. I emailed them today and automatic response was they are dealing with June 2008 application.Is there anyone who can tell me how long is ot gonna take me further,

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Im Furqan from Pakistan. I have done Software Engineering from Pakistan and have experience of 6 months in web development. Also I have done a 3 months diploma in System administration and have an experience of 2 years in this field. But currently im working as a web developer. Can anyone tell me that am i elligible to apply under the SINP family class. My brother in law is permanent resident of saskatchewan from 1.5 years.Please anyone guide me......Regards

Furqan Shafique
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Hi I have applied for my parents in June 2008 and I have only recieved my file number. Can anybody tell me what the next step is or should I contact them? It´s been nearly 7 months and I haven´t heard a word from them. Any information is greatly appreciated thanks
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Sorry that´s June 2009
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Furqan Did you chack for fedral immigration eligibility. Sounds like you can apply for that. There is a fast track (priority) process in place which is even quicker then SINP.
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Saadia if you have applied for parents sponsorship, you might need to wait for a very long time.
Did you get file # or just an acknowledgment letter?
Giving immigration to parents is not CIC´s priority, so currently it could take even 3 years.