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Subject: citizenship
  I´m a Canadian PR and want to apply for canadian citizenship. I have about 1000 days in Canada so far but I am starting a job in the US, which makes it impossible to meet the 1095-day requirement for Citizenship. Would marrying a Canadian (and move to US together) help me to become a canadian citizen in any way?
Sure (in reply to: citizenship)
Yes, you almost automatically become Canadian citizen. Well not that straight forward but citizinship you will get.
G luck

Mike and Rosa
(in reply to: citizenship)
Dear Sir,

My resume is attach

Name: Shabeer Ahmed

Father Name: Nazir Ahmed

Place of Birth: 04/06/1976

Nationality: Pakistani

Passport No: J737914

Address: House No. 2, Street No. 34-A
Shershah Road, Shalamar Town,
Lahore-54920, Pakistan

Phone No: 0092-42-7671698

Fax No: 0092-42-6542666


Langue: Can speak and write
English & Urdu Langue

Academic Qualification: Passed Matric Examination

Technical Qualification: Know Typing

Experience: Since last 5 years i am running my
Own firm under Title:-
And dealing steel Indenting Business

Interested to have residential / Employment Visa of your country.

Best Regards
Shabeer Ahmed

Shabeer Ahmed
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