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Subject: sponsorship list of what i need
  hi everyone am woundering do my wife and i need to get letters from friends about our relationship,we have a genuine relationship so why do we need letters from friends, and could anyone give me a list of the things i need to get for the sponsorship, maybe a letter from myself and one from her i check cic website no luck there.
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with family class sponsorship it is reverse onus of proof. CIC assumes you are not genunine until you prove otherwise. Think like a lawyer in court providing evidence that will lead to a verdict. The broader the evidence, the more natural, the less contrived - the better.

CIC recently had 8 applications they uncovered with the identical wedding hall and guests! They have seen it all because people have tried it all. Just remember - CIC does not believe you!!

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I have posted here several times that you should get letters from friends. I also posted that when submitting the letter if the writer is Canadian or a PR a status document should also be included.

Like Sharon has answered CIC believes your marriage is bogus until you prove same.

What gets me is why do you even ask such a question!

If Tom writes a letter and says I´m Canadian I live here_________, I have known Josh and (CATHY) for three years. They come to my house once a month and me and my wife (Mary) go rock climbing together, we play dominoes, we go sailing on weekends, ---------and Josh is so GA GA over (Cathy) I just wish Josh will cool it because Mary wants me to be way more attentive now. Just like Josh is when CATHY fell.

Attach a drivers license with a copy of their Canadian Passport or Birth Certificate.

When the friend can write something personal while explaining who they are and how they know the two of you plus that they believe their is a strong bond between the two of you. Examples are great but it has to be in their own words.

Now you and your partner are required to write a story about your relationship it is at the bottom of the questionnaire forms.


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