Problem with Name change in Ontario

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Subject: Problem with Name change in Ontario
  i recently applied change of name in ontario.
The application got returned. But not rejected.

It stated that there were something wrong with my application and need to provide more document.

1) the name on my PR card does not "exactly" match the name on the birth certificate. My PR card doesn´t have a hyphen in the first name, but birth certifcate has. The immigration office removed it when they issued my landing paper. So now I have a hyphened version and non-hyphened version. This is very frustrating. It is very casual in back home you can choose to put hyphen or no hyphen. They mean the same.
2) My guarantor who is my dentist is not valid. I called the office of registrar general and ask if doctor is valid as medical pratisctioner, the officer unpleasantly answered me "No, just read the form!"

Could any one who ever applied change of name in ontario tell me how I can find a guarantor without spending a fortune?

Please share your experience.
I need some advise.

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