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  First of all I would like to thank for the site, which definately help for those who are egger to immigrate to canada. I am holding the austrian citizenship and my wife has the nepali citizenship. We have a child of 23 months of age and are looking forward to migrate to canada. Could any one tell us the truth if it worth to migrate to canada in our case. If so, how difficult it is. Most of the time I see only the rumers on the web, but not the fact.
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A few questions from this end.

1- Do you mind the cold weather?
2- What do you do for living?

Depending on that, this could be the place that you are looking for or.... maybe not.



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Thanks for the prompt reply.
I am working here as a receptionist in one of the Accor Hotels and my wife has taught two years botany at the university in nepal. But She has joined here in Vienna bio-technology and that is in german language. The most interesting fact is that even the course is in german, it is taught in english. Finally she found that she is loosing just the time and would like to migrate to the english speaking country where she could continue right from the begening in english.

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consider a work permit. there is a huge shortage in the hospitality industry, particularly in BC.

test it out and decide if you like it.

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Think about Bill´s points. Those are the key. Also ask yourself what is your level of expectation. There are many success stories..as well as frustrating ones. There are many many high skilled professionals who are living on menial jobs or even on social care. Though not all of them are unhappy, some even find that life is better. So, it is totally upto you about how you see yourself and can prepare yourself. One thing you have to bear in mind that what ever you chose to do, you have to be in severe competition.

What kind a rumor did you listen? There are many factual studies available on the web, very reliable the ones by STATCANADA. Read those. Though to me it looks like when someone asks "Whether it is worthy to move" like question he already sets his mind and just wanted to listen some words supporting his decision. If you are not in that stand then I can provide you some facts. A glass half full of water can be described both half empty or half full.

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I am not sure about your background in terms of education, but if I were you, I would make sure that you meet the points criteria according to Immigration Canada in order to obtain a permanent resident status.

You should explore the market and job opportunities and cost of living in the city where you want to settle in. Do your home work, and make sure that Canada will fit your life style.

Start here:


And check if you are elegible to immigrate to Canada.



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Thanks to all a lot !
I will think about it!

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